Take the Limit Off Your Requests!
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It is Written for My Comfort
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I'm Going The Distance
Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full. (John 16:24)

I don't recall ever being shy about requesting anything I may have wanted or needed to rise to a new level—whether generally advancing in life or specifically moving a project to the next phase. My reasoning has always been that there are only four possible responses I might get from a particu- lar resource: Yes. No. Maybe. Not now. I have as much chance of hearing a Yes as a No.

My requests have always been posed with the thought in mind that any response-even No- would not put me in a less favorable position than I was already in. With even the slimmest chance that I might hear Yes, I had nothing to lose by asking. But if I never asked, the potential loss or lack would be much greater.

God knows what I have need of before I ask, yet Jesus said. Ask anyway. I believe that most of us never come close to honoring God by taking the limit off of our requests of Him. When we are bold enough to ask God for things of enormous magnitude, it tells Him how large our view of Him and His ability to supply really is. We call ourselves being humble when we go to God and make a request with the mind-set of a pauper. God wants us to do great exploits for the Kingdom. Jesus said, Ask Him in My name that your joy may be full. God wants us to be ecstatic about what we're doing with His resources. So stop trying to finance the kingdom of God with mere plans and programs.

Nervous break-downs, burnout, and fleecing the sheep is not God's way of getting the job done. Ask God for the right kind of help. Sow seed into good ground and expect a harvest. Practice patience so that after having done His will, you obtain His promises.

I have spent most of my adult life letting God know that I'm aware of what I can and cannot do on my own. But I remind Him constantly that I have no agenda because I have no program. Therefore, I am willing to do whatever He wants done as He provides the people and the resources. I never quit anything God gives me to do; I simply recognize seasons of beginnings and endings and endings and beginnings.

Heavenly Father:
Forgive me if I have limited You in my life because of a neglect to ask for, desire or require of You whatever is needed to get the job done to Your glory and for the fullness of my joy. You want me calm, delighted, exceedingly joyous and glad, in all my effort for You. Today I claim all the finances, personnel, equipment, facilities, and resources needed to accomplish Your will for Redeeming Love Christian Center, "Listen to Jesus," Love Christian Academy, "The Choice Is Yours," Redeeming Love Christian Village, Jehovah's Princess, Utterbach Music, and for my husband and me personally. I believe for the wisdom, understanding discernment and strength to do what is pleasing in your sight...in Jesus'name.

Sarah W. Utterbach (5/16/98)