The Choice Is Yours - Selected Questions


The Choice is Yours
Selected Questions and Answers

Pastor Sarah Utterbach: For several years, I have hosted The Choice Is Yours, a live, weekly call-in radio talk show. During those times of interaction with my listeners, we have discussed an assortment of issues. Many listeners have called in to say that some of the questions and answers we've addressed have been greatly beneficial to them. For that reason, I wanted to share some of our topics of discussion, with the hope that the wisdom offered from the Word of God may minister to you as well.
Q. I know Christians are not supposed to retaliate when we suffer a wrong, but what should I do when a person is saying things about me that are definitely not true?
A. The natural tendency for humans is to fight back, to protect themselves from the negative words and deeds of others. However, I declare to you this day: "Don't do it!" The devil delights in using lies, gossip, and even negative truth to destroy God's people, but he can't stop our progress or prevent God's sustaining glory from being revealed to us. Therefore, the devil works diligently to erode our strength. He tries to cause us to take on judgmental attitudes. The devil wants you to rehearse the harmful things that others are doing to you. He knows that when you do, you aren't confident enough to rest in God's peace.

Instead of retaliating, rejoice that you are a partaker of Christ's suffering and let confidence become your strength. The joy of the Lord will enable you to remain at peace in persecution.

And by the way, are you talking more about your circumstances than about the One Who is keeping you in the midst of them? If so, start using your mouth to praise the Father instead. Speak life over those who have become agents of the enemy. Speak and act knowing that the Creator of the universe is your Father. And He has provided all you'll ever need to emerge from this test as more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ, if you'll keep your trust in Him and fill your mouth with praise.
Q. I have a relative who wants to continually debate with me at family gatherings about the Bible, mainly about the Old Testament. This person is not even a Christian but he is very intelligent and articulate. Sometimes I feel humiliated as I attempt to defend or explain my beliefs. Although I've been born-again for a few years, I still don't have the answers to some of his questions. I want to be a good witness but despite my best efforts, I think my attempts to reply only make things worse.
A. Titus 3:9, states: "But avoid foolish questions and genealogies and contentions, and striving about the law; for they are "unprofitable and vain."

All questions are not relevant. Some questions are simply absurd assertions asked by the carnal mind. Such questions lead only to confusion and strife. Therefore, quarreling, wrangling, and debating about the law are beneath you. You may not cause such debates to cease among others; but you, can choose not to get involved. This type of foolish questioning is designed by the enemy to drain the words you speak of creative power, thereby rendering you ineffective.
Q. My schedule is such that it feels as though I am coming and going. After tending to work and to family is seems that I have no time left over for myself and not enough time for studying God's Word or for prayer. It seems I'm just too busy and I don't know how to break this cycle.
A. Far too many of us are too busy with ourselves and our things. We don't take enough time to show respect to God, the provider of all that we enjoy in the natural. I have been guilty of this more times than I care to remember. I decided to make some adjustments in my thinking and to take the necessary corrective measures to improve my prayer life. I realized that if I can stop and shop, I can certainly stop and pray. In Daniel 6:10, we read that despite his power and popularity, Daniel took the time to pray not once or twice but three times every day. God did not require Daniel to pray three times a day. Daniel chose that requirement of himself. When we make that kind of decision and commitment to put God first, important change usually follows close behind.