Our Focus

Discipleship, fellowship, there are many words you can use to describe the journey we have with God, but our goal at Crystal Lake Baptist Church is to become friends that walk with Christ together. 

Our goal and focus is to become your friend, Honor God's Word fully, and pray together so that we can better understand God's will and desire for our daily lives.

A quick summary of us would be:

A family church:  we run between 50-60 on Sunday mornings.  We will seek to make you feel welcomed without overwhelming you.

Sunday School for all ages.

Children's Church during the worship service (during the message).

Youth Group meets on Wednesdays at 6:30 with presently about 15 mostly teens, co-ed led by Sean and his wife Mary.

Worship Style:  We call it blended as we have a praise team style worship, piano and organ, along with video accompanyment.  No it's not too loud, and you won't be overwhelmed with the bass. 

Sunday Night Preaching:  But we won't cram it down your throat as Richard, Sean, and Pastor Daniel preach in a conversational style that is Biblical, Solid, Bold, and personal.

WIP:  A Work in  Progress.  We recognize that God has great plans for us that go beyond who we are today, and we look forward to God working in and through us.