Adult Bible Classes

Summer 2019 Classes

During the Summer of 2019, the Adult Bible Class will be studying a series called: "How Then Should We Live?" It is a study over the books of 1 & 2 Peter and 1, 2 & 3 John and is focused on how we live a life of faith in our ever changing world. Below you will find a listing of the text readings, a description of the classes, and a list of class teachers for this summer.

You may also download the attached brochure, which contains this information, as well as a map of our building showing where classes are located.

June 2 1 Peter 1
June 9 1 Peter 2
June 16 1 Peter 3
June 23 1 Peter 4
June 30 1 Peter 5
July 7 2 Peter 1-2
July 14 2 Peter 3
July 21 1 John 1
July 28 1 John 2
August 4 1 John 3
August 11 1 John 4
August 18 1 John 5
August 25 2 & 3 John

Adult 1
The Adult 1 (Friendship) Class meets in Room 104. It is made up of primarily retired individuals.

Adult 2
The  Adult 2 (Cornerstone Class) is made up of individuals who have established families, many of whom are empty nesters and are grandparents. This class meets in Room 215.

Adult 3
The Adult 3 (Seekers) Class is a class of adults who are primarily empty nesters. It meets in Room 103.

Adult 4
Adult 4 (Faith Builders) meets in Room 205 and is typically made up of individuals who have children whom are high school aged, college-aged, or young adults.

Adult 5
Made up of individuals who have college-aged or young adult children, Adult 5 (Harmony) meets in Room 206.

Adult 6
Adult 6 (Crossroads) are made up primarily of individuals who have children that are elementary aged. This class meets in Room 223 and will use a discussion format this fall.

Adult 7
The Adult 7 (Foundations) class is made up of individuals who are just beginning either their married life or are just starting to have families. They meet in Room 203.

Adult 8
Made up of single individuals or young couples, just starting married life, the Adult 8 (Fellowship) Class meets in Room 207 and will be using primarily a discussion format for the fall.

Adult 9
The Adult 9 (Anna Class) is a ladies class and meets in Room 102.

Special Topic: Marriage
The Special Topic: Marriage Class is geared toward married couples and is led by individuals who are a part of the Marriage Made in God’s Image Retreats. The class meets in Annex 1.

Adult 1 (Friendship) Ken Rainwater Rm. 104
Adult 2 (Cornerstone) Lyn Meter Rm. 215
Adult 3 (Seekers) Matthew Killough Rm. 103
Adult 4 (Faith Builders) Bob Bailey Rm. 205
Adult 5 (Harmony) Charles Stephenson Rm. 206
Adult 6 (Crossroads) Rob Anderson Rm. 223
Adult 7 (Foundations) Daniel Wheeler Rm. 203
Adult 8 (Fellowship) Bobby Clark Rm. 207
Adult 9 (Anna Class) Terri Coffey Rm. 102
Special Topic: Marriage James German, et. al. Annex 1
University Josh M., Reagan D., Daniel L. Rm. 204
High School Trent Roberson Rm. 201
Middle School Carter Shuman & David Dyess Rm. 202
2019 Summer Adult Bible Classes Brochure