Safe to Sleep

Connecting People to Services for the Homeless

Women's Overnight Shelter

Our mission is to provide safe, temporary overnight shelter to women in an atmosphere of dignity, harmony, and compassion.

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Shelter Admission process:

  • An assessment by One Door is required prior to entering the shelter by calling 417-225-7499 (300 E. Central)
  • If guest is approved, One Door will provide shelter information as well as pick up times/locations.
  •  After Hours:
    • Call Burrell Crisis Hotline at 417-761-5555 or 800-494-7355 for a phone assessment
    • Do not go to Burrell without getting the phone assessment
    • Approved guests will be allowed temporary entrance to shelter with agreement to go to One Door the next business day for full assessment



Snapshot of Safe to Sleep:

  • Overnight women's shelter open from 7:30pm-7:30am
  • Has provided a safe space for over 1000 women since opening in October 2011
  • Snacks are served for dinner and breakfast
  • Two volunteers are on duty each night to provide oversight
  • Hosted in a church gym; includes showers
  • Guests are provided a cot, sleeping bag, and light snacks



How to Help: 

1. Financial support. Donations made directly to Safe to Sleep will be utilized in the area of greatest need.

2. Donate. We are always in need of the following items:

  • Large size body wash, spray deodorant, shampoo and conditioner
  • New socks and panties
  • Coffee - Decaf and Regular
  • Sanitary products (maxi pads) and razors
  • Chapstick
  • Cough drops
  • Toothbrushes and small size toothpaste
  • Cash donations are always helpful - they allow us to purchase specific items at the time of need

3Volunteer: Opportunities available for women, men, and couples. Click to fill out an application.

  • Full night shift - spend the night (7pm - 8am)
  • Smaller shift - for a few hours during the night
  • Background check required for volunteers. Cost of background check is $10, made payable to Safe to Sleep.

Night Volunteer Information:

  • Serve 1-2 times per month - 7 PM to 8 AM or partial shift. Choose your schedule.  We will train you.
  • Serve in pairs, taking turns staying awake. There is a light area with Wifi that you can work in while you need to be awake.
  • At least one woman volunteer each night. Meet another volunteer assigned for that evening, or sign up with a friend or your spouse.
  • Meet your partner for the night. Prepare the facility by putting out snacks, preparing coffee, etc.
  • Have each woman check in as they arrive.  They will pick up their cot and bedding.
  • Host the women as they relax and go to bed.
  • In the morning make coffee and set out a continental breakfast. 
  • Encourage the guests as they put away cots and bedding, and  clean the area.
  • Be sure everything is put away and lock door.


Admittance into Safe to Sleep MUST be approved by One Door. (417.225.7499)

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To see a copy of the Homeless Missourians Information System (HMIS) Privacy and Security Notice please click here.

Safe to Sleep
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