OCGF Staff
The Orange County Gospel Fellowship Staff
We are here to serve you!

From left to right: Assistant Gina Valesquez-Nieves,Youth Director Rafael Nieves, Deaconess Linda Liporace,
First Lady Beverly Sampson, Pastor Shellie Sampson III, Deacon Micheal Callaghan, 
Deaconess Liz Rodrigues, Deaconess Brigid Callaghan, Deacon Ken Whitton, Deaconess Marie Whitton

Rev. Shellie Sampson III, Pastor
Email: PastorShell@orangecountyfellowship.org


Beverly A. Sampson, First Lady
Email: BASampson@orangecountyfellowship.org

Deacon Micheal Callaghan, Treasurer
Email: MCallaghan@orangecountyfellowship.org

Rafael Nieves, Youth Director
Email: RNieves@orangecountyfellowship.org

Gina Nieves, Youth Assistant
Email: GVNieves@orangecountyfellowship.org

Deaconess Linda Liporace, Administrator
Email: Linda@orangecountyfellowship.org

Deaconess Elizabeth M. Rodrigues, Worship Leader 
Email: LizRod@orangecountyfellowship.org