Sermon Titles Worship Song List
HELP LORD I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO  1-6 Step by step, You are life, House of prayer, Stand in your love, Mighty God
THE LOYAL 1-13 Trust, Spirit move, Trust in you, Who you say I am, You are life, In the river
THE MESSAGE AND THE MESSENGER 1-20 Give us clean hands, Broken vessels, Fullness, This is amazing grace, Never stop
THE OPPORTUNITY TO ABIDE                                                                    1-27 How he loves us, Heart of worship (emr) To worshio you I live, Espiritu de dios, Te amo
BAKER'S STREET BREAD 2-3 Fill me up, Sing Sing Sing, How Great is Our God, Overwhelmed, Blameless, COMMUNION, You are Life
WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 2-10 Multiplied, Open up the heavens, No longer a slave to fear, This is a Move, Heaven on Earth
RE-ROUTING  2-17 I need you more, Show me your way, Stand in your love, My God is Awesome, Unstoppable God
WHAT'S RISING UP? 2-24 Come Alive, Let my words be few, Raise a Hallelujah, Every Praise
LIVE LONG & PROPER 3-3 Rooftops, Freedom, There is a cloud, COMMUNION, Who you way I am
LED INTO THE WILDERNESS 3-10 Hungry, Glory to Glory, Hallelujah, Never Stop 
THE CALL TO BE REMADE  3-17 How Great is Our God, I Surrender, The Anthem, Like a Lion 
THE SPIRIT SCHOOL 3-24-19 Our God is an Awesome God, Did you feel the mountains tremble, Say so, We love your name, Freedom
YOU  KNOW THE WAY  3-31 Heart of Worship (emr), Raise a Hallelujah, Alive, You are life, Days of Elijah


4-7-19 Our Apologies - FILE UNAVAILABLE

CELEBRATE THE SURRENDER  4-14-19  Our God, We Believe, Great are you Lord,   This is Amazing Grace, Oh Magnify the Lord
PURVEYORS OF HOPE  4-21-19 Espiritu de Dios, Te Amo, Freedom, Did you feel the mountains tremble, Alive
TO ABOUND IN HOPE  4-28-19 Lord you are good, How Great is our God, Overwhelmed, There is a cloud, I raise a Hallelijah 
"THE W W F”  THREE-WAY AUTHENTICATION 5-5 House of Prayer, We cry out/Dance, Your Spirit, COMMUNION, In the River
THE FAKE, THE FALSE & THE FOOLISH  5-12 Good Good Father, Great are you Lord, The River, Fullness, Never Stop 
DISCERNING THE DEVIL  5-19 10,000 Reasons, When we Gather, I exalt thee, How He Loves Us, Spontaneous Worship - Won't Wait Till Heaven
BEYOND THE NAUTURAL 5-26 Open up the heavens, Fullness, The Anthem, We love your Name, Say So
THE KEPT 6-2 Speak oh Speak, Oceans, Yours, Won't wait till heaven, COMMUNION, Healing is Here
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?  PASTOR JOHN SPRECHER 6-9 Blessed be the Name of the Lord, Agnus Dei, Indescribable, Yield my Heart, Fullness. Te Amo
THE CHALLENGES OF FATHERHOOD 6-16 How he loves us, Stand in your love, Holy Spirit, I raise a hallelijah, Unstoppable God
IF YOU  KNEW 6-23 Sing Sing Sing, Healing is here, No longer a slave to fear, Trust in you, I know who I am
LOOKING FOR AN INCREASE 6-30 Spirit Move, Dry Bones, There is a Cloud, Lover of your Presence/ Let it Rain, Multiplied
SPIRIT SATURATION 7-7 We cry out/Dance, Broken Vessel, I surrender, COMMUNION, Lord you are Good
SPIRIT LIVING 7-14 Wrap me in your arms, Tremble, Gracious Tempest, Your Spirit, Freedom
IN THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT 7-21 Give us clean hands, Keep Making Me, This is a Move, Won't wait till Heaven, Alive
NICK BRACKETT MISSIONARY TO THAILAND 7-28 This is Amazing Grace, Unchanging, The River, Fill me Up, Holy Spirit
COHERENT VISCIDITY 8-3 Heart of Worship-emr, Stand in Your Love, Surrounded, How Great is Our God, COMMUNION, Oceans
BEING MADE WHOLE 8-11 When we gather/I exalt thee, Who you say I am/He is able, House of Prayer
HEAVEN 8-18 Open up the Heavens, Broken Vessels, You deserve the Glory/ I sing praises to your Name, Yours, Unstoppable God
PLUGGED IN 8-25 Open up the heavens, Give me faith, To worship you I live, Order my steps, In the river
A STIRRED UP SPIRIT 9-1 I will bless thee oh Lord, There is a cloud, Healing is Here, COMMUNION, Great are you Lord

Pastor Rafael Nieves

9-8 Oh Draw me Lord, Break every chain, Overcome, Gracious Tempest, Say So
COMMISSIONED TOGETHER 9-15 How Great is our God, Never Stop, Freedom, Oceans, Alive
SENT BY WHO? 9-22 Overwhelmed, Amen, No longer slaves, Like a lion, This is amazing grace
SENT VS WENT 9-26 Sing sing sing, Raise a Hallelujah, Build my life, Great are you Lord, I know who I am
THE AGENT OF CHANGE 10-3 How  he loves us, Give us clean hands, Oh come to the alter, COMMUNION, Unstoppable God
MODERN MAKER 10-13 When we gather/ I exalt thee, Every other god, Lover of your presence/ Let it rain, Multiplied
THE TRANSITION POINT 10-20 Open up the heavens, Show me your glory, The Anthem,  Build my life,  Thrive
THE TRANSITION POINT 2 10-27 King of Glory, There is a cloud, Just be, Esiritu de Dios, te Amo
THE WILDERNESS BOOT CAMP 11-3 We cry out, Dance, Draw me close to you, Your Spirit , COMMUNION, Lord you are good
REBEL HAS A COST! 11-10 Spirit Move, Come Alive, Way Maker, Freedom, David Danced
BAD COMPANY! 11-17 When we gather/ Holy Spirit Rain Down, How Great is out God, No Longer Slaves, Never Stop, Alive
THE METHETES 11-24 Unchanging, I surrender, Give us clean hands, Great are you Lord, This is amazing grace
THE PRESCIENCE PREVISION 12-1 Hark the Heralds, We Three King, Speak the Name, COMMUNION, Oh What a Glorious Night
DO YOU HEAR IT 12-8 God rest ye merry gentlemen, Silent Night, Yes I will, House of Prayer, Oh Holy Night
VISION FOR ACTION 12-15 Amen, O Come O Come Emmanuel, O Come all ye Faithful, Here I am to worship, This is Amazing Grace
VISION FOR VISION 12-22 Trust, Overcome, I surrender, Oceans, Mighty God
WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET 12-29  I'm trading my sorrows, Multiplied, Stand in your love, Overcame, Raise a Hallelujah