AACWM/Go Beyond Community

 A Frontier Missions Ministry that seeks to mobilize local churches to:

  • See the visionof God's heart for unengaged ethnic communities
  • Increase education about  holistic community development
  • Mobilize ongoing intercessory prayer and humanitarian supportfor the holistic development of communities of Christ followers
  • Showcase models of holistically developed communities
Global Purpose Seminar
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Our world; but how does God see it?
What is his purpose for over seven billion people on earth today?
Is your life in harmony with God's divine purpose?
How do you link with God's purpose?

Intercessors & Missionaries Small Group Fellowship
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A quarterly fellowship of small groups of Jesus Christ followers who are committed to the fullfilment of His Great Commission to make disciples among all the unreached people groups on earth.

Spiritual Warfare Prayer Seminar
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Are you prepare for the increase levels of spiritual warefare against the followers of The Supreme Lord Messiah Jesus?