Our Faith

While there is a spectrum of beliefs and understandings among our members, Byron United is committed to celebrating and living the Christian faith as recorded in the New Testament and summarized by the historic creeds.

Our Vision
"A community where all find and live God's love, grace, and joy."

Our Mission
"To celebrate and share the Good news of New Life in Jesus Christ through worship, discipleship, ministry, and mission in the church family, our community and beyond."

Our Values
1) We value growing as faithful followers of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ
2) We value the Holy Bible as inspired by God
3) We value being a prayerful congregation, relying on the Holy Spirit
4) We value being a caring, loving, and nurturing congregation
5) We value developing Christian leaders
6) We value congregational unity in achieving God's purpose
7) We value developing hearts for evangelism and service
8) We value uniting with other Christian communities by celebrating in worship, fellowship, and service.

Our Unity Statement
I am my Father's son/daughter- forgiven and adopted.
I am a sister/brother of Jesus- my Lord, my Saviour.
I am born of the Holy Spirit- I am His new creation.

These are my brothers and sisters!

Together we worship the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Together we fellowship in unity and love.
Together we mature as disciples of Jesus.
Together we minister to each other in loving service.
Together we share Jesus with the world in word and in deed.

We are the family of God.

I belong,
You belong,
We belong together.

We are Christians.