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1) Share Your Story
If you have attended Today's Teens Conference, share your experience with:   

  • volunteers in your own youth ministry
  • your friends who serve in ministry
  • youth workers in your local/regional area, denomination, or network
  • youth workers you meet at other events, workshops, concerts, or gatherings
  • your pastor, associate pastor, or CE director

2) Blogs

Share your passion for Today's Teens on your personal blog or add a comment on someone else's site

3) Repost this Tweet each week on your twitter or facebook page

I'm going to the annual Today's Teens Conference for Youth Workers & Youth on Feb 20, 2016.  Will you be there?  #todaysteens

4) Join our Online Community and Invite others to Join

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5) Banner Links & Poster (COMING SOON)

              Download and print a Poster or the Brochure - open it and right click to save it as a PDF.

               1. Here is the Today's Teens 2017 Brochure 

               2. Here is the Today's Teens Conference 2017 Poster 

6) Email

Email your friends and tell them you plan to attend Today's Teens 2016. Then ask them to go with you or meet you there. Below is a sample email you can use.

Copy and paste the text below into an email:

Are you going to Ontario's Youth Ministry One Day Training & Networking for Youth & Youth Workers?
I am going to be going the Today's Teens Conference in Oakville, February 25, 2017
Check it out and let me know if you're interested in going too.
The conference website is:

Look's sweet! Let's go!

7) Get some FREE Today's Teens Conference stuff and give it away

Want brochures, posters or other promo stuff that you can share?

No problem! Email us and we will ship you some FREE stuff! Contact us now


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