"The Law of Observation"
Use this Link for the ideo of Pastor Michael's Message "The Law of Observation".
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 Do you have a deep desire to experience a Spiritual Life, but you're tired of Religion?  The Bridge is a community of people who follow Jesus and gather to hear God, to worship and to encourage one another in spiritual things.  It's not about church, its about building relationship with God and His people.  Our goal is to provide a fresh, uplifting experience filled with the power and presence of the Spirit of God.  We believe that it is our job to help equip people into their created purpose so that they can enter into an intimate relationship with God. 

Why I Support Phil Robertson

Tolerance tends to speak softly, while intolerance rants and shouts that it's opinions are not being tolerated. This is precisely what has happened in the case of Phil Robertson. Phil has taken a biblical position on a controversial issue and at the request of others (GQ) shared his feelings. Because his opinion does not match a highly vocal minority of Americans he is being censored in a manner that would be viewed as completely inappropriate by that very minority, if the same standard were applied to them.

I view homosexuality in the same manner that I view fornication and adultery - they are sin according to the Bible. For that matter, so are lying, stealing, hatred and even gluttony. There are many sins, even many habitual sins that we now accept as a "normal" part of our society. This does not make them less sinful from a Biblical perspective, nor does it prevent me from loving and caring for the people who commit them.

This is a place where I have to agree with Penn Jillette, an American illusionist/comedian and avowed atheist. Speaking about an encounter with a fan who was a born again businessman and had attended one of his shows, Penn shared his own atheist perspective on proselytizing, in which he made the following comments: 

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