Jr. High

Jr High (Grades 6-8)

JH is designed to make a students’ faith stick by helping them make their faith personal. Energetic screened leaders who understand the challenges of Jr High strive each week to help our students connect the good news of Jesus to their lives. Our Jr. High learning environments take place bi-weekly

We also encourage our Jr. High students to get involved in the body of Christ by serving in areas of ministry. We want to instill as early as possible that Church isn’t a location we attend but a lifestyle of ministry we do because of who we are. 

On the offweeks sunday we offer a devotional to help our kids learn how to personally adn corporatly interact with the Bible. We encourage our kids to answer: What is God saying to me this week in my readings AND (just as importantly!) What am I going to do in response? 

To Learn more about our screening process please visit: http://www.winningkidsinc.ca/?i=2279&mid=1000&id=310881