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Dr. Ruslan Sviridov

Ruslan obtained a Master of Music degree and a Doctor of Music Arts degree with Honour from Moscow State Conservatory in Russia. With his wife, Irina, he emigrated in 1998 from Russia to the United States, where he obtained a Masters Degree in Piano Performance from the University of Texas, and studied organ with renowned organist Dr. Bess Hieronymus. He has been performing in public from the age of eight. His recitals have been broadcast on All-Russian TV and Radio, Italian RAI TV, and NBC. His career is devoted to teaching and performing music.

Ruslan was raised in a Christian environment surrounded by great music. He has a passion not only for performing music, but also for using his musical abilities to serve the Lord. His first experience as a church musician was in Russia during his childhood years. Since 1998, at various churches in San Antonio, Texas, Ruslan has been playing for church services, overseeing a children's music program, directing choirs, leading a worship band, participating in outreach programs, and performing fundraising recitals.

Ruslan, Irina and their son, Innokenty, moved to Toronto in June 2007 as "permanent residents" of Canada. They are now starting life in a new country. As part of that new life, Ruslan has been seeking a loving, hospitable Presbyterian church in which to serve. We are delighted, and truly blessed, that he has decided to be a part of our family at Grace.