Parent's Page: Summer Camps

Check In & Check Out

Camper Check In:
Sunday, 2-5pm 
Family, JrHi, HS, Sherwood, AIM, Outpost Camps at the Dining Hall 
 Week in the Forest Camper Check in: Monday, 1-3pm in Sherwood
(please note: we are not able to check people in prior to time noted.)

Camper Check Out:
Saturday, 9-10am
JrHi, HS, AIM, Outpost Camps, 
in front of the Dining Hall; Sherwood and
Week in the Forest Check out is at Sherwood

To ensure the safety and security of our campers in compliance with California Penal Code - Section 277-280: All persons checking out a camper must be designated an Approved Pick Up on the camper’s Registration Form and must present current Photo Identification. Acceptable forms of Identification are: a Drivers License, a California Identification Card or a Passport. Once an acceptable form of Identification has been presented, the person will sign for the camper and (s)he will then receive a pass which allows him/her to leave Calvin Crest Conferences with the camper. Persons attempting to leave Calvin Crest Conferences with a camper who do not have a pass, will be required to return to the check-out area to properly check out that camper.


What to Pack

High School, Junior High, AIM, CCA Packing List Download Here

Outpost Packing List Download Here

Sherwood Forest Packing List and Tunic Instructions Download Here

Week in the Forest Packing List Download Here


Please Click Here to see the latest weather forecast.

Sending Mail/Care Packages to Your Camper

All mail to campers should be addressed as follows:

Camper Name, Session Attending (i.e. Abby Smith, SF4)

c/o Calvin Crest Conferences

45800 Calvin Crest Road

Oakhurst, CA. 93644


  • Please include your return address on every piece of mail, including post cards, so that the mail will be returned to sender if it does not arrive in time to be delivered to your camper.
  • All care packages should be scheduled to arrive no later than Thursday of your camper’s scheduled week of camp.
  • For timely delivery we recommend sending care packages through UPS and FedEx.
  • Please note that because we are located in an isolated area most delivery companies do not guarantee overnight or second-day service even if you pay for it.
  • Please do not send any mail or packages that require a signature.
  • You can bring up letters and packages for your camper and turn them in during Check-In. They will be delivered through inter-camp mail.


Camp Store Information

Click Here for a price list of some of the items that are available for purchase in our store.


Sending Email/Viewing Photos of your Camper
Please Note: Email is currently available for Summer Programs Only.


1: Download Instructions with your Pre-Approved Registration Code

2. Click Here to Send an email or view photos of your camper!


Cabin Mate Request

Cabin mates may be requested. We will make every effort to honor these requests, but cannot guarantee that the camper will be placed with requested cabin mates.


Scholarship Opportunities

We offer a variety of discounts through our Campership (scholarship) fund.  Please have parents/guardians fill out a Campership Form and send to Calvin Crest Registration.  Camperships will be rewarded based on financial need. Download and Print Form Here


In the event of a cancellation, a $125 Non-Refundable deposit, ($50 Non-Refundable deposit for Day Camps) which is included in the camp fee, will be retained. Refunds are not guaranteed for any cancellation of camp made within the two weeks prior to your camper’s scheduled week. Please call the camp registrar at (559) 683-4450 ext 205 if you need to cancel or if you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter.

Balance Due

Your Camper’s Balance is due June 1, 2014. If you are not able to meet this requirement for any reason please contact the camp registrar.

Payment Plans

We understand that due to the economy and other circumstances, coming to camp can cause a financial strain on many families. We can set-up an incremental payment plan so that payments are made in smaller amounts as opposed to one large sum. Please contact us at (559) 683-4450 for more information or to set up a payment plan.


Campers with Special Needs

Calvin Crest does, with certain stipulations, accept youth with physical, mental or emotional challenges into its programs. With concern for the individual in the context of Calvin Crest's terrain, altitude, and program involvement, advance notice must be given. Our goal is that everyone would be safe while at camp and all decisions will be made with that in mind. The Director of Calvin Crest Ministries makes final participation approval. Examples of special needs are: chronic/severe asthma, bleeding/clotting disorders, cardiac problems, diabetes, emotional disorders, epilepsy, nervous disorders, physical disability, seizure disorder, or anything requiring injections.


  • Only medication properly prescribed for the camper will be administered.
  • No prescribed medications will be given to the camper unless it is sent in the original prescription bottle or package and clearly labeled with the camper's name and dosage by the pharmacy.
  • Non-prescription medications and vitamins, in their original packaging, must be labeled with the camper's name.
  • If necessary one inhaler for asthmatic campers may be kept with the camper. Please label inhalers with camper's first and last name.
  • Any controlled substances, such as ADD medication, will be counted by the nurse at registration.
  • Please only bring the needed amounts of medication for the duration of camp.


Hotel Stays for Long Distance Travelers

Parents traveling long distances can spend a night in Cedar Lodge, our Hotel-Style Facility. To reserve a room in Cedar Lodge please call in advance as there are a limited number of rooms available. For questions about reservations or pricing please call (559) 683-4450 x 205.


Smoking Policy

In compliance with California State Penal Code Section 308 it is illegal for any minor to possess any tobacco products or smoke at Calvin Crest.


45800 Calvin Crest Road, Oakhurst, CA 93644 T: 559-683-4450 F: 559-683-7118 E: