New TVDSB Policy regarding Bus Cancellations:


Schools remain open when busses cancelled

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Over the past year, senior administration has reviewed practices related to student transportation and the closure of 100% bussed schools during inclement weather.

In the past, a number of TVDSB schools were automatically closed if busses were cancelled by Student Transportation Services ( as a result of inclement weather. During the review, we learned that this was not the practice of London District Catholic School Board and most other school boards across Ontario.

In order to meet the needs of our communities, our schools will now remain open for students to attend when school busses are cancelled. This change in practice, effective Monday, 2015 November 02, means that schools will be open for any parents/guardians who wish to drop off/pick up their children unless there has been a notification of a school or system-wide shutdown. Please note that it is not an expectation that parents transport their children on such days, and it will not negatively affect students’ attendance record if they do not attend.

The safety of our students, parents/guardians and community members remains a high priority. Please monitor road and weather conditions carefully when deciding to travel during periods of inclement weather.

Please note, that there may occasionally be school or system-wide shutdown days which will be clearly communicated. Please monitor the school website for such information.

Further information regarding these changes may be obtained from your school principal.


Jeffrey Pratt, CPA, CMA
Associate Director and Treasurer
Organizational Support Services

Valerie Nielsen
Associate Director
Learning Support Services


Information about Bussing from the LDCSB

A brand new way of communicating personalized bus information

Southwestern Ontario Student Transportation Services (“STS”) introduces a free service for parents to receive email or text message alerts when there are bus delays or cancellations.

“This is a unique change that allows parents to receive email or text messages about their student’s bus in the event of inclement weather delays or cancellations. During the morning rush, hectic in every household, this will deliver critical information exactly when the family needs it. We believe in time this will become people’s preferred method of receiving the information.” Maureen Cosyn Heath, General Manager.

In the Parent Portal, parents will have the option to sign up for bus delay and cancellation emails or text messages. The unique part of this service is that it will be specific to the bus that their student is assigned to, eliminating the possibility of confusion in the morning rush. Parent Portal logon instructions were mailed recently to each affected home.

New this year: bus delays or cancellations will be posted on the homepage of

“Weather zones” have been eliminated. Bus delays and cancellations will appear in an alphabetized list, supported by a powerful search feature to look up the information by bus run number or school name.

STS will continue to post messages about school bus delays and cancellations on Facebook and Twitter. STS will be testing the system in the last week of August so people have an opportunity to become familiar with the new system before school returns.