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Daniel Patrick

When posting information, I never fully know what someone is looking for but here goes.

Here's some basic stats:  Married to Amber Patrick since 1994, Zachery (son), Carrington (daughter); MDIV from Southwestern Bapt. Theological Seminary, BFA from UNT.  Pastored in Lewisville Area for 10 years, and been pastoring for Crystal Lake since 2010.

Amber received her Masters of Educaton from Concordia, and she teaches Kindergarden for Leander ISD.

To probably best understand me you ought to know I don't take myself too seriously, meaning I like to laugh, be sarcastic a bit, and enjoy life.  I do take pastoring serious, but for me pastoring means that I help you become the man/worman God desires for you. 

God has done this in my life mostly through friends and good Christian mentors.  So, that's how I do it.  This might mean worshipping together or preaching, but often I find that the best discipleship moments come from time.  Time doing projects together, having coffee, working on the church building, whatever opportunities that come.

God has called me to shepherd people, and to me this means to do my best to love them, encourage them,. and give them the tools to hear God's voice (through the Word mostly) without my direct help. 

My dream and visiion for the church I pastor would be to become a House of Prayer where we together sense the Lord's presence, pray confidently together, and grow together as friends.  I pray Crystal Lake will be the kind of church you engage because you find encouragement in how to Glorify and Honor Christ, as well as you share a desire to help others to do the same.