Crystal Lake Baptist Church was originally two separate congregations that started meeting several years ago in Leander schools. In 1998 the two congregations, Lake Country Baptist Church and Crystal Falls Baptist Church, merged together and met in a strip center on Highway 183. After much prayer and consideration, the new church decided to call itself the Crystal Lake Baptist Church, combining the names of the previous churches. Little did we realize that the Lord intended to give the Church 30 acres of land at what would become the corner of Crystal Falls Parkway and Lakeline Blvd.

Over the next six years, the Lord enabled the church to acquire the property and build a 9,600 square foot building completely debt free. Today the church is in the middle of expanding neighborhoods overlooking the Hill Country that begins at our front door. Five elementary schools, Running Brushy Middle School and Leander High School are visible from our property. Because of the elevation of what is becoming our ball field, it is possible to see the intersection of RR 620 and Highway 183 as well as Round Rock and everything in between. It is a beautiful piece of property that is becoming a beautiful church campus.

We are a Southern Baptist Church that believes in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the infallibility of the Bible, and our obligation to tell everyone everywhere that eternal salvation is available to anyone through Jesus' labor of love on the Cross.