Where Two Or More Are Gathered In His Name

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But wait, you weren't at church. Or were you? Jesus said "Where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am with them." A church does not depend on the place where you worship, but how you worship. Big beautiful church buildings are wonderful places to worship at as a whole. But that does not make a smaller group of Christians any less 'Christian' because they meet in private homes. In fact that is exactly how the first century Christians met for worship. In private homes. Sometimes I think we forsake the simplistic beauty of Christianity in its most basic form for formality, and bigger and better mega churches. A congregation that owns a building may spend upwards of 75-80% of it's donations paying for upkeep, maintainance, mortgage and expenses, and leaving little else to outreach into the community. On the other hand, small gatherings of Christians who meet in private homes may have better opportunity to outreach, but may not be taken seriously by the Christian (or other) community at large.




Left: It does not take much to convert a garage or basement into a beautiful, functional chapel.

Is this chapel any less a valid place of worship than a multi million dollar cathedral?