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Sunday School

The Sunday School Department at Grace is mandated to help nurture the faith of our students. The moral standards of society have obviously derailed, leaving us a legacy of distorted values. Nothing but the pure word of God is needed to realign us with our Lord. It our intent, that the values imparted by our teachers from the old document of God, be reflected in the lives of every student, making them not only honourable citizens but also cutting edge for the kingdom of God.

Sunday school is a very vibrant department of the Church and the students are fond of the classes. The summer months buzz with activities and crescendos with the annual Sunday school picnic in July. The department has its own choir and an annual graduation ceremony in the month of December that winds up the year’s activities.

We invite you to be a part of the Sunday School where learning is fun. We have two buses that service the Mississauga and Brampton areas ready to pick you up. We certainly do hope to see you soon.

The Sunday School Department


Biblical Studies

 In life, we are all building something for the future. Our words, attitudes and actions are the materials we use. We can build a strong, secure house by saying and doing all the right things; but if we don’t have the right foundation, the storms of life will quickly knock us over.


Scripture tells us that we are wise when our foundation for life is the Word of God. He is our Rock and any other foundation is simply shifting sand.


In Bible Class, we want you to have a strong, solid foundation of faith so that you can stand strong no matter what comes against you in this life. We want you to grow and experience all of God’s wonderful blessings. That’s why we offer classes which meets every week and gives you a biblical basis for Developing Your Faith, Walking in the Spirit, Overcoming the Enemy and more.


Remember, God designed us for relationships. We are stronger together. When you connect with other believers at Grace, you will be strengthened, refreshed, recharged and ready to face the week ahead!


We look forward to seeing you this Thursday!

Biblical Studies Department




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