Personal Testimony of Dennis Hendrickson

This is my personal testimony of what Jesus means to me.  I have been saved since a child and have always known the peace and confidence of His wonderful grace and salvation.  I believe in the inerrancy of the Bible as God’s Holy Word.  Although there may be some areas of interpretation, the doctrinal truths of who Jesus is and how we are saved is set in unchanging stone.  I believe that faith in Jesus alone is our only way to salvation and eternal life in Heaven with God Who will not co-exist with sin of any kind.  It is in believing in Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross for me personally that pays the price for my sins and allows me to share in the perfect existence with God in Heaven.  I also believe that the sins that the Bible declares unacceptable to God in the past do not become acceptable to God just because society has accepted them.  I believe that we as Christians are called by God to serve Him by utilizing our special individual God-given gifts in sharing the Gospel to the world.  The Gospel is man’s only hope and we must be compelled to share this hope as Jesus called us to do in the Great Commission.  I believe when in doubt we must take the Bible literally and not claim the stories of the Bible are just symbolic.  I believe in the virgin birth, the Trinity and all the miracles in the Bible just as they are described to us.  If we begin to decide which part of the Bible to believe and which part to ignore, then the entire Bible is no good to us, because it has become nothing but man’s opinion and not eternal truth from God.

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