Speaking In Tongues
Tongues--Always a Sign to the Jews? A study of whether God gave the gift of tongues to serve only as a sign to the Jews.
Tongues--Always in Known Languages? An examination of whether tongues in the bible, and today, occur only in known languages.
Tongues--Cornelius the Gentile A study of the events that occurred at the house of Cornelius.
Tongues--Doorway to the Holy Spirit's Power Speaking in tongues is the first step in developing in spiritual gifts.
Tongues--Ecstatic vs. Inspired Speaking in tongues is always inspired and never ecstatic.
Tongues--Experienced at Samaria? Looking at whether tongues occurred in Samaria when Peter and John ministered.
Tongues--Paul's Experience The Apostle Paul spoke in tongues. Let's consider his views.
Tongues--Prayer Language vs. Public Gift Showing the differences between the two manifestations of tongues--public and private prayer.
Tongues--The Boogeyman Called "False Tongues" We look at whether "false tongues" are real, or just another boogeyman.
Tongues--Throughout Church History Historic references to tongues in the Early Church