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Is Bedtime a Nightmare?
October 24, 2018

When you have an infant at home, sleeping as long as you want becomes a thing of the past. During the baby years you get used to functioning on very little uninterrupted sleep. As your child gets older, you may be hoping that you will be able to have deep […] [READ MORE]

The Importance of Play - Part 2
August 22, 2018

Earlier this month, we discussed the importance of playtime for our children. We found out that free play is necessary for many types of our child’s development. Today we are going to explore examples of these and how you can help your child make the most of their playtime. We now […] [READ MORE]

The Importance of Play
August 8, 2018

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” -George Bernard Shaw Most of us have probably heard that quote before. As adults, we can forget how important playtime is to kids. We live in a time of rushing and busyness. Rushing to get from place […] [READ MORE]

Discipline - Part 2
July 18, 2018

One of the hardest parts of being a parent is having to discipline your child. No child is perfect and misbehavior is inevitable, and it is so frustrating! Try to look at this responsibility in a new way. Punishments are unavoidable, try to view them as an opportunity to teach your […] [READ MORE]

July 4, 2018

Don’t make me count to three! How many times have those words come out of your mouth? It’s time to talk about one of the hardest parts of being a parent; how to disci-pline your child. Everyone has an opinion about the best way to do it, but we arenrsquo;t […] [READ MORE]

Monsters Under the Bed: Part 2
June 20, 2018

Recurring bad dreams, bellyaches before school, anxiety before a new event, and fear of the uncontrollable are some of the fears our kids are facing. Even if their fear seems a bit illegitimate to us, you can guarantee it’s very REAL to them. So, instead of glossing over their fear […] [READ MORE]

Monsters Under the Bed: Part 1 of Understanding Kid Fears
June 6, 2018

It seems it never fails: After an exhausting day at work, you are getting your child ready for bed and gently tucked in. You lean down to kiss their forehead softly and turn away to close the bedroom door. On your way out, you turn off their light. Suddenly, there […] [READ MORE]

The Potty Train - Part 2
May 23, 2018

It may seem like just yesterday that you brought your little one home and were buying those tiny newborn diapers. Suddenly your baby is now a toddler and you may be wondering if it's time to begin potty training. How do you know if your child is ready? How do […] [READ MORE]

The Potty Train - Part 1
May 9, 2018

Parents: All aboard! Ready or not, it may be time for you and your little one to board the potty train! This is one of those milestones that you are either excited about tackling or you are dreading, but we all have to deal with it. We can’t send them off […] [READ MORE]

Separation Anxiety - Part 2
April 18, 2018

Welcome back for Part 2 of Helping My Child Overcome Separation Anxiety.Clinginess and tears are actually a healthy reaction to separation. It shows our child is bonded to us. As a child grows older separation anxiety should lessen. In the meantime how do we deal with it as a parent? We canrsquo;t […] [READ MORE]

Separation Anxiety - Part 1
April 4, 2018

Parents, Either you’ve already experienced it, you’re in the middle of it, or it’s on the horizon. What is it? Separation Anxiety. Pediatricians help us understand that separation anxiety is so tough on kids because they don’t understand object permanence. A child realizes Mom is gone, and what they think is […] [READ MORE]

The Comparison Game - Part 2
March 21, 2018

Parents, Have you ever had one of those days when you just barely make it out the door?  House is a wreck, you haven’t had a chance to shower and the kids are already fighting. Your parenting self esteem has already taken a hit when you run into that family. You […] [READ MORE]

The Comparison Game - Part 1
March 7, 2018

Parents, This is a big day for our ministry. We are so excited to offer you two major resources: the online parenting class and the Family Experience. Each resource contains loads of information to encourage and support you as the spiritual leader of your home. You'll find the links to both resources […] [READ MORE]

March 1, 2018

Hello fellow parents! I am so thrilled Byron United Church is able to offer you something that has been on my heart for a long time.  As your church family we want to deepen our partnership with you as you build faith and Christian character into your kids and youth. That's why […] [READ MORE]