June 20, 2024

 Vision - Goals – Plans God has a Heart for the Nations; John Piper in his book – Let the Nations Be Glad – says that, ‘Missions exists because worship does not”. God is looking for people that will worship him.

Our Vision is to be a part of God’s work where ever He would have us go. To have God use us as a family to be a witness for Him for His Glory.

Our current goals:

To partner with churches and people of prayer who also through God’s leading desire to partner with us to reach the people God would lead us to for the Glory of God.

To have lips and ears that can speak and hear what ever language we need to with increasing fluency during our terms on the field.

To have God use us to bring others to himself through the ministries He would have us do. Also to help other missionaries, local pastors and churches with thier computers so that they can make the most of thier time in thier ministry.

Anticipated Ministry:

Helping other missionaries and church leaders with Computer problem solving, to allow them to be more productive in thier ministries, and not spending too much time and resources messing with those types of problems.

 Also participating with a church planting training team and Administrative Assistance to the International Office of Action International Ministries.


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