December 5, 2023

Another mini- Update for September 2012

Thanks be to God. We made it to the Seattle area this last Friday, September 28, 2012.

God is so good. We got to Washington without any major problems. A couple of small things happened but nothing that was not resovled quickly. We are thankful that our car made it fine even pulling a small u-haul trailer.

We left Monday September 24 from Waxahachie and made it to Colorado late that night, where we spent the night visiting with Charles' mother.
On Tuesday we went to Pueblo and had a short visit with Charles' sister. From there we went to Colorado Springs and visited with Bridget's family for a few hours. Then we headed on to Denver that evening and spent the night at Charles' brothers house.
On Wednesday we left Denver and headed to Wyoming and drove all the way through Wyoming till we got to Utah where we spent the night. The weather was good most of the time except we got lots of rain going through part of Colorado and Wyoming.
Then we left Utah and drove through part of Utah, Idaho and Oregon and got to where we thought we would get to a little a head of schedule, but we then spent the night in Oregon because we were really tired.. Then on Friday we left early and drove through Oregon and part of Washigton and got into Seatlle about 3 p.m. From there we were able to contact our mission office and those who were helping us with our house and were able to get to the house and get the trailer unpacked and we were able to sleep in the house we are renting.
We are thankful for everyone at our new mission - ACTION, who had the house all set up and stocked for us and ready so that we could just unload our things and just be able to start getting our things organized with out having to think to go get groceries and all those things. We were able to cook food and eat in our rent house the first night.
We knew that the weather would be different here and although it is sunny here now, it is still too cold for us in the mornings.
It was so amzing how God worked, Charles even had to have some school assigments in while we were on the road and he was able to study and get that done during the move. We were also able to share the gospel with people wherever we stopped on the way, by handing out tracts to people we met.
Wow, God has been so good to us and we are so grateful for his provision through all his saints! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!

We ask that you continue to pray for us this next week as we start working with our new mission. We ask that you pray that we can really be a a help and benefit to them at the office as well as to others we get to work with that are on the field. Pray that we are also able to minister to our new neighbors in our new neighborhood as well and that we can find a church home while we are here. Please pray that we adjusted to the climate as well.
Again please also pray for our son Micah and our daaughter Brianna who are in Texas at college. We are thankful for our church family there and know they will help look after our kids.

Thank you Lord Jesus for who you are and that you are faithful Thank you that as we obey you and follow your call that you not only provide but you make the way clear to get to where you want us to be in order to serve you and your servants. May you continue to give us wisdom in the work for your glory. In Jesus name. Amen


 Charles and Bridget Ulibarri

   Serving with -

   ACTION * PO Box 398 * Mountlake Terrace, WA  98043-0398

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Bridget cell: 972-375-4197


 1 Corinthians 9:23

Ulibarri Update for August 2012

Are you using the gifts God has given?

 Dear Friends,

 I was thinking recently about the gifts that God gives us. I was also thinking about how the gifts/talents that we have can be best used to glorify God. What are your gifts? I like working on computers. I also like helping people. I like talking to people about Jesus. Sometimes I myself do not understand why I like to tinker with computers until I have them working again, but I do. I wonder sometimes why I am so compelled to want to help people and their machines work well together.  It seems like such an immense amount of time is spent reading, (I do like to read technical manuals), studying on the internet, and experimenting with computers, chips,  codes, audio, video and yes, even Facebook and twitter.  It is also so interesting to hear about and learn from what other people are experiencing with the same technology. Is there a way God can be glorified through this?

                 There are missionaries on the other side of the world, wishing they could write an e-mail to their family and friends, and share with them about the great things God is doing in the ministry they are working with, or about the situations where they could really use prayer and talk to someone. There is little electricity, their computer battery is barely charged. Sweat drips down their face as they wait for the sun to peak during the day to give their solar battery charger enough current to charge the battery for a good half hour of writing. And then if all this happens, they wonder if they can get to the place where there is an internet signal so they can send and receive e-mail.  For a few minutes the internet is working, the battery is charged, but the computer is not responding; right now… time is getting away. Maybe tomorrow they can try again. If only there was some help to get this working so they could get the message out for people to pray for them…

                 Why don’t they just go down the road and visit their friendly, geek-nerd computer repair store?   Oh yeah, there isn’t any.

 They still have to go back to the house and try to figure out a way to get that Bible study printed out for the class tomorrow too. It is going to be a long day sitting and waiting for the computer to work and to try to figure out how to do all this and be ready to teach.  How will God work it out?

                Another missionary, in another country comes back to their house to find it has been robbed and most of their electronics taken.  The computer is gone, all those discipleship materials, pictures and hours of work are nowhere to be found.

                 Sure  - just go to the computer store and buy a new one. How will God provide?

                 I like to work on computers and help people. Some people know that I do this and when they go and buy themselves a new computer with all the latest bells and whistles, they want to know what they can do with their old one. Since I like to tinker, they ask me if I want that old thing. Ok maybe I can use it for something.  Maybe I can fix it up and somebody may want it.

                 The other day I had a laptop that someone gave me. It was working but it was used and not the best, but I got it fixed and updated. God put it on my heart to give it to one of the men from church that was going on short-term mission trip. I told him, ” I have a computer. Maybe someone can use it, either a national worker or a missionary. Hope it helps.”

                 A week or so later I get this e-mail and it said, “God’s timing is always perfect!  The day we arrived, the house where the local missionary lives was broken into it and as you can imagine, his computer was stolen. For us here in the States a stolen computer is a minor inconvenience since we can easily get it replaced.  Living in a third world country is a little more difficult to get a computer replaced. However, God already had provided a computer and as soon as I found out that the missionary had lost his computer, I gave him the one that you had given me. They were very thankful and almost in tears when I told him the story about how this computer had arrived here. “

                 Can God really use this tinkering with computers?  Is this stuff necessary? In this day and time of technology with its cost and distraction, can it be used for His glory? Yes.

                 God has given us the greatest gift, the gift of his son, Jesus, and the forgiveness of sins to all who believe (Luke 24:46-47; John 3:16). He did not stop there. He gave us of His Spirit and He told us to go and make disciples, (Matt 28:19-20; Acts 1:8). He gave us all abilities to help each other and to worship Him with them.  He also said that those that know Him are part of the same body, the same family… the same team (Romans 12:4-5; Eph. 4:11-13; 1 Cor. 12:20). He gifts some as pastors and teachers, some as bible translators, some as builders…(1 Cor. 12:4-7; 11).  I think God is sovereign and He puts people in the time and place that He wants and can use anything for His glory, even a little man that likes to tinker with computers.

                 It was not too many years ago that I saw a missionary who had a lot of work to do to be able to get the Word out. He spent a lot of time working on that computer, hours and hours. There were others that needed help with theirs too. Therefore, he would help them, but the work on the front lines was suffering because time was being spent working with machines to get them working for himself and others. Technology can be a big help with ministry, but it should not be a hindrance. Help with technology in ministry is a great need in this day and time.

                 We are privileged to serve God and to be called into His service. We want to see people come into a relationship with Him and to also help other missionaries be able to do the same. Our primary ministry is ministering to those on the front lines, supporting them so they can do their primary ministry. God has called my wife and I to work with ACTION in this ministry. The above stories were some examples of how God has equipped us to work in technical and support ministry. We pray that you would pray for us and with us and ask the Lord how you can partner with us, as we support those on the front lines. Do you realize that as we team up to work together with God, a part of all those ministries that the missionaries work with in all those far away countries are added to your account?

                 This Saturday, August 18  at 7 p.m. there will be an easy way to help out. We are collecting old cell phones, old ink cartridges, old digital cameras,mp3 players, or laptops that are working and you want to get rid of. Come to the Waxahachie Bible Church Rotunda to bring these items to help us to go to Seattle, Washington and to find out more about the ministry God has called us to. Refreshments will be served. Come help with the environment and help us help others at the same time! If you have any questions, contact Bridget at

 We have many other things going on the last part of this month and the first part of September as well that we would appreciate your prayers on.

 Our daughter Brianna will be headed to Univ. of Texas in Arlington(UTA) to start her first year of college. She will be moving to UTA on the 20th. Our son Micah will also start his last semester of classes as well. He will be graduating in December. Charles also starts a new semester with his online studies with Moody distance learning.

Charles has also put in his notice at Dallas Theological Seminary and his last day there will be August 30th.  It has been a great experience working at the seminary getting more experience, and getting to meet and helping a lot of great people there.

Charles and Bridget will be flying to Seattle after Labor Day in September to go house hunting over a long weekend. They hope to be moving to Seattle at the end of September, God willing, to start the ministry with Action International Ministries.

 We appreciate your time reading all this and your prayers for us.

 Please consider being part of our team to go and help other Christian workers and missionaries in the ministry of telling people about Christ. Call or write us if we can share more with you.

 Thank  you and God Bless,

 Charles and Bridget Ulibarri

   Serving with -

   ACTION * PO Box 398 * Mountlake Terrace, WA  98043-0398

   Toll free #: 1-800-755-6918 * Tel: 425-775-4800 * Fax: 425-775-0634


Ulibarri Update for January 2012

Dear Family, Supporters, Prayer Partners and Friends,

 Wow 2012 already. Happy New Year and a belated Merry Christmas. We also thank God for His grace and provision and we thank you for standing beside us during this time of transition. God has put some amazing people in our lives to help us and share with us and we have been blessed.

 These last couple of months have been a whirlwind and we apologize for not having written a newsletter for December this last year. Sorry this will be a long newsletter as we have a lot to report and many things to ask you  to pray about for us.

 Here is what is going on in a nutshell and more details below. Basically we have several opportunities to serve in missions and we are praying and talking about all the pros/cons of each one and asking God to give us wisdom and clarity to truly know where He would have us work and hopefully to know as soon as He would allow us. It has been hard waiting, but we know He has a plan for us.

 As you know we have been talking with and visiting many mission agencies in these last six months and are still talking with some. At the end of November, Charles had the opportunity to go with a mission that does computer support for missionaries and mission agencies. During the week of Thanksgiving, Charles went with the group from Missionary Tech Support and LightSys to Kenya, East Africa, to do computer work for missionaries that were attending a weeklong conference there. If you would like to know more about this particular trip write Charles and ask him to send you his trip report. Charles wants to thank everyone that prayed for that trip and those who helped in other ways to allow him to go and help and find some other opportunities.

 In our last newsletter in October we mentioned that we would be hearing from the mission in Honduras (Hands for Jesus Christian School), that we had visited earlier in the year and that we had been talking to the supporters of that work in the first week of December. Well we did hear from them and we are sad to report that due to doctrinal differences we will not be working with that project. We had sensed that maybe God would want us to help with that project  but it did not work out. We pray that God would continue to bless that work. So that was one door that closed for us.

 Since that time we have heard from some of the other missions organizations we have talked to previously and found some other new ones to consider.

 Currently we have four missions/projects that we feel God is opening doors for us to consider. One of those may be working with AIM (Africa Inland Mission), that Charles found out about while he was in Kenya. Another is working with the Ellis Baptist Assoc., from Waxahachie, in a project they are doing in another part of Honduras (this has nothing to do with the school we were talking to previously –this is a totally separate project run by a totally different mission). I guess the biggest thing we have learned from all this is that there is such need in all the world for missionaries and Christian workers.

It is so true what the scripture says – pray to the Lord for more workers. I would encourage you, that if you even have an inkling of interest in missions that you walk through that door; God will use you.

 So here is how it breaks down for us – That is, here is a list of the missions that were are considering working with:

1 – Action International Ministries> Based out of Seattle they do a number of ministries but primarily working with homeless street children in the Philippines and areas of the far east and Africa. We are considering working in their home office in Seattle, where Charles would primarily be working in there IT (Computer) department helping the missionaries that work stateside and those that come in from overseas. Also he would be required at times to travel to some of their fields to help support some work there. Also they will allow Charles to work with their Church planting/Pastor training team to go one some short-term assignments with them. We like this  but the big consideration is that we do not know exactly what Bridget would do.  She may be able to work coordinating short term trips/teams. Also, we would have to move to Seattle, raise more funds, get a vehicle..ect. See>

 2 – LightSys> This is a mission that supports Christian mission agencies and missionaries with computer support – anywhere from software programming to hardware/network installation and maintenance/training and server support. Charles could work with them in the home office in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He would primarily help with setting up teams to do projects in different locations, as well as working on projects locally and abroad fixing computers. Bridget can maybe help in their office with finances and coordination of short-term workers. Again we would have to move to Colorado Springs and get a house. Car…etc. We like this options because we can move back to Colorado and be close to our family. See>

 3 – Ellis Baptist Association> Work with this mission on the Western side of Honduras ministering to the Lenca Indians. Charles would primarily be working in church planting/church leadership development and also helping to administrate their radio station. Bridget can work with Charles and/or maybe start a children’s ministry or ESL. She may also be able to work there at a local elementary school. Again we would have to raise support and funds for a  4x4 vehicle since we would be working in a remote mountainous region. See>

 4- AIM (Africa Inland Mission)/RVA/Multi-Church Pastor Institute> This would be working in Kenya Africa either with AIM directly or with the mission school there. If it is the school Charles can help in the IT department and Bridget can work there as an elementary and/or Spanish teacher. Charles may also be able to work with pastor training there as well. Again we will have to officially apply and raise funds and so forth, but there is lot of opportunity there.
See> ;

 Anyway those are the main ones we are praying about right now. There are others but they are on the back burner.

We ask that you would be in prayer with us as to where the Lord would have us work. We are praying that He would let us know soon. We would be so excited if we could find out this month and start the official application process with one of these organizations, however we know that God may even have something entirely different for us. Even if we signed up with someone today, we would just then only be able to start visiting people and doing partnership development and raising moving expenses so we would not get on to the field till who knows when. Hopefully sooner than later. This time of transition has indeed been very difficult for us. All we can do is trust Him. We would appreciate your prayers and support as we continue seeking His will in all this. We hope we find out something soon.

 On other news – Charles started working part-time at Dallas Theological Seminary in their Media Center. This is a place at the school that is a fully equipped copy center and computer lab and media resource area. Charles works in the help desk to help the students while working in the media center. He has been there since the first of December, right after he came back from Kenya. Charles likes it there and the people are great and he has really met some great people there. It also give him time to work while he is doing his online studies.

 Charles is also continuing with his online and independent bible studies with Moody Bible Institute – Distance learning program. About to start his second semester. Bridget is also considering starting with her bible school studies as the Lord allows.

 Bridget has continued helping at the North Ellis County Outreach with all the activity going on there during this holiday season. She had been busy.

Our daughter Brianna has also had the opportunity to go and volunteer at the Outreach as well.
Brianna is finishing her high school and was recently admitted into the National Honor Society. She continues learning to drive. Brianna has also been talking to and applying to some colleges and has been accepted to three great schools. She too has some big decisions to make. Please pray for wisdom for her as well.

Our son Micah is doing well. He is still finishing his college. Currently he is on the road with his band – This City Awaits – as they are on a 49 day tour across the country. Please pray for his band, travel safety and opportunities to minister to young people. Pray also for Micah as he tries to do his college studies online as they travel. Micah also had a fender bender a few weeks ago and we need to get his car repaired. Pray we can get it repaired and looking good so it is ready for when he returns from his road trip with the band in February.

 About our family – Many of you know we had to go to Colorado recently to visit Charles’ dad who was in the hospital. We found out he has cancer and some liver problems. From what we know it does not look good. They treated him for the liver problems and found the cancer during that treatment. It was suggest that he take chemotherapy and he accepted and had his first treatment while we were there. He took the first treatment well and seemed to be ok when we left the other day. Time will tell how he will react and how much it will help but from what we understand the doctors figure he has a year left at the most.
We are glad we got to go and visit family. Charles had the opportunity to witness to his dad’s wife who is catholic.

Charles’ mom is also in bad health. Please pray for both his parents.  We also had a chance to visit with Bridget’s family while in Colorado Springs. Please for for Bridget’s younger sister and her brother and his wife who are also going through some health problems as well.

 Sorry for such a long newsletter. Thank you for wading through this for us.

Also many, many thanks again to all of you for your prayers and support. We are thankful to God for all of you and your help to us. We are truly blessed and we are humbled to ask that you would continue to stand alongside us as much as you can during this time. We pray God would give us an answer soon.

 Thank you and God Bless,

Charles and Bridget Ulibarri

Ulibarri Update for October 2011

Dear Supporters, prayer partners, family, and friends,

 September has been somewhat busy for us.


As for missions, we are still trying to place where we can serve.

 We did have the opportunity to go in September and visit The Hands for Jesus Christian School in Guiamaca, Honduras. We went from September 10th to 15. We went with the woman that had started that school some years ago. It is a wonderful place and the people are very nice.

There is a lot to do there, helping with the school, teaching, working on the grounds, helping to maybe plant and build a church and to help setup a Christian radio station. Lots of needs. However, before we know for sure if this is where God would want us to serve, we still have to go and talk to the churches in Ohio that sponsor the school and see what they think about us.  So we have planned some dates, October 22- 25 where we will go to Ohio and meet and talk with these churches. We covet your prayers for the decisions we will need to make.

 We have also been talking to a few other missions. We did want to make some other trips in September / October to see some works of another mission in Mexico and Guatemala, but those did not plan out for us to go see. There are a few other missions that we are talking to and there maybe a few more trips in our future.  We have also missed some opportunities to participate in some missions trips and help with some things, it seems our timing is off.  We are praying that God will show us where He wants us before the end of this year so we can know if we need to raise more support,  get more training  or maybe just start looking for jobs.

 We are so thankful that during this time of transition that many of you are standing beside us and helping us in all ways. Thank you.

 On other notes –

Charles has been, of course talking to and writing these mission agencies, working on computers for people, helping work on computers for some other ministries and taking his online Bible classes with Moody.

 Bridget is continuing doing the same as last month - spent time at North Ellis County Outreach as well, helping translate in assisting clients who spoke Spanish and helped in the thrift store. She has really enjoyed working there for the time she has been here.

Brianna is continuing at Midlothian High school and staying with the Stack family. She recently got her drivers learner permit and we have been practicing driving and she recently took the SAT.

 Micah is doing his usual – at UTA taking his classes and playing with his band.

 As you know we have been living in many different homes the last 3 months. We are so grateful to all of those who have let us house sit or stay with them. We are presently staying with the Stacks, who is the family we had originally planned on leaving Brianna with to do High School.  Recently we found out that our home church WBC, has their mission home available now and have given us the opportunity to move in there for the next several months. It will just be Bridget and I in the missions house. So come by and visit with us sometime.

 Again we ask that you please pray for us as we potentially seek other mission opportunities, that we would have clear direction in every opportunity.

 We just want to thank all you all again for all your prayers and support during this time. We cannot tell you how much it has meant to us.

 May God bless each of you!

 Charles and Bridget Ulibarri

Ulibarri Update for July 2011

Ulibarri Update  for July 2011

 Dear friends and supporters,

 Sorry this is a little late but, the past month of June  and the first part of July, has been full of many changes for us as we have returned to Texas from our last term in Equatorial Guinea.

 June began on a high note for us. Charles held his annual TEE student reunion at our ACTB mission base in Bata. The meeting went very well with about 24 students attending. Beginning the reunion, our fellow missionary, Patrick Mahoney, did a lesson on the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew. Translations of Matthew in Fang were used during the lesson, and the students responded very well to Patrick and the translations. Afterwards, a traditional Fang meal of chicken, rice, peanut sauce and plantains was served. During the meal, each student was invited to come up and share how the TEE program had affected them and taught them. From these testimonies, it was clear that the program had impacted them in many ways, from the newest students to those already graduated. When the testimonies were over, Charles also gave a brief testimony, and told the students of our decision to leave EG. It was a bit of surprise to many students, but Charles used the announcement to challenge and encourage the students to continue with the program and study of God's Word. Then Charles presented his student Gregorio with his certificate/diploma for completing the program. To finish off the meeting, everyone prayed for each student as well as for other ACTB members. All in all, the reunion was a blessed time of fellowship that we are thankful to God for.

The next week for us was spent packing our stuff in Evinayong and saying good bye to our neighbors. Though it was a busy time and sad, the whole process of packing an moving went quite easily.

 One good thing that happened was on the last Saturday we were in Evinayong. We had hired a guy to weed eat the yard and when he came he brought a bunch of other young men with him. I guess they were his friends and were hanging out while he worked. Charles was able to take this opportunity to hand out tracts to all the  young men that were there waiting outside our house. After they had read the tract some asked what does this mean, so Charles was able to share the gospel message with all the young. It was defiantly God working because they were all really listening with interest. In the end 6 of the 8 men there prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  Also during our last week in Evinayong, Charles was still visiting with the old men he had been sharing the Bible with everyday. In the end we got them all copies of the Bible in large letter format and left them the Proclaimer. They were excited to have a Bible they could read and listen too, yet sad to see Charles go. They said who will teach us God’s word now?

 Our stuff was moved to the ACTB center in Bata where we stayed our last week in EG. During this time we  sorted out all of stuff by giving it away, throwing it away or storing it. This went quicker than expected.

 Also during our last week in Bata, Bridget tried to meet with her literacy committee which she originally started during our 2007/2008 term. Unfortunately, no one showed up.  This was very discouraging for us.

 The last Sunday in we were in Bata, the 19th of June, we went to Gregorio's church, the latest student to graduate from the TEE program. Also at the church that day was Aniceto, the first student Charles ever worked with. That evening, the missionary community threw us a going away party, encouraging us alot, and leaving us with tears and smiles. We will always remember them in our prayers because we know there is still much work to be done in Equatorial Guinea. Needless to say, that last Sunday was very special for us.

 On Tuesday, the 21st of June, we left Bata. We stayed for a day in the capital city of Malabo, which is located on the island of Bioko, a short plane ride from Bata. While there, we visited with our Spanish tutor Josue and his family, whom we are so grateful for. It was nice to see the man who taught us so much about Guinea and the Spanish language, before leaving.

On Wednesday evening we boarded our plane from EG to Frankfurt, Germany. It was sad to say goodbye to the country we have spent about 7 years working for, but we have also been excited to see what new chapter God has for our lives.

 After switching planes in Germany, we traveled to London. Our son, Micah was able to meet us there, and we vacationed there for 4 days, staying at Operation Mobilization's guest house a little outside of the city. For the most part, we had an amazing time there. We saw many famous places, like Big Ben, the Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace. And we enjoyed getting to share all of this with Micah who we had not seen in 14 months. Charles and Brianna were a bit sick during this time though, which prevented us from sightseeing allot. We are still very thankful for our time in the beautiful city of London.

On Monday, the July 27th, we flew from London to Dallas via Toronto, Canada. Micah's roommates and Brianna's friends were at the airport to pick us up. The next day, we moved into the house of some lovely members from WBC, our home church. We have been visiting many people, and getting accustomed to American life again.

 These last weeks Charles and Bridget, have already visited two missions here in Texas. We are interested in both, but still not sure where God would have us go. This next week, Charles and Bridget will be going to Colorado to check out some other missions, as well as to visit family. Bridget is in Colorado Springs at a missionary women’s conference and Charles is in Denver visiting with his brother.

Brianna has been able to see many of her friends this week and is adjusting easily. She is nearly enrolled in Midlothian High School where she will go for her senior year. This week, she will be going on a missions trip to Utah with the WBC youth where they'll work with construction on a Navajo Indian reservation.

 Please pray:

-That the TEE students in Equatorial Guinea, will continue studying God's Word, and that they will be motivated to teach each other.

 -For the other missionaries of ACTB as they finish translating the New Testament and begin translating the Old Testament.

  -That the Guineans would have a hunger to hear God's Word in their language.

 -That we would be safe as we travel.

 -That God would give Charles and Bridget clear direction for the future.

 -That God would use the WBC group in Utah as a  witness and to serve.

 Thank you SO SO SO MUCH for your prayer and support during our time in Equatorial Guinea. We are so blessed to have gone, we learned so much, and have faith that God can use what small seeds we planted.

 With Love,

 The Ulibarri Family – Charles, Bridget, Micah and Brianna


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