Mid-week Ministries

Small Group Goal

We believe that the focus of our ministry is through small groups.  It is through small groups that people can connect, relate, support one another, and contribute to the work of the church.  We want to be a church of small groups with space for anyone who wishes to join.

Small Group's at St. Luke's

  • Are intended for St. Luke's members or new people thinking about joining the St. Luke's family
  • Group members agree on the purpose and direction of the group
  • Under our Mission and according to our Vision, the groups are open to receiving new members
  • Group membership will not generally exceed 13.  (At this point, the group would look at splitting into 2 or more smaller groups)
  • Typically groups meet in homes or in the church.  They may meet in other locations if there is the opportunity.

Leaders of Small Groups:

  • Are approved by the leadership of the church
  • Accept Jesus Christ as Lord
  • Participate as members of St. Luke's
  • Accept guidance and support from the Superintendent of Small Group Ministries
  • Agree to lead group according to our Vision and Mission

Members of Small Groups:

  • Hold attendance and participation in their small group as a high priority
  • Are willing to accept guidance and oversight from the church leadership through the group leader
  • Are willing to participate in discipleship and training opportunities
  • Are aligned with St. Luke's in theology, Biblical teaching and principles of faith

Typical Small Group Meeting:

  • Fun / Acceptance
  • Worship
  • Sharing ideas and views
  • Bible or Christian subject study
  • Prayer as a group
  • Prayer for individuals
  • Fellowship as a group
  • Activities beyond regular studies

How to Join A Small Group:

Speak to a member of Corporation, leave a message at (403) 273-2686, or you may send an email by clicking here.  You should be contacted within a week.

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Why Join A Small Group?

At St. Luke's , we believe that everyone benefits from being in community—the larger community that meets on Sunday and the smaller community which meets at other times and involves a group of people with whom you build far deeper relationships.


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