Sunday Service

Prayers of the People    

This ministry during our service provides a time for corporate prayer.  During this time we lift up in prayer our missionaries, clergy, those who are ill, and all others in need.  At St. Luke’s we try to make a conscious effort to provide praise reports, and to return thanks to the Lord for the good that he has done, and the prayers that he has answered.  

If you have a prayer to add to the Prayers of the people, or a praise report, or answered prayer, or if you would like to participate in this ministry, speak to one of the wardens.


These are the friendly faces that meet you at the front door.  A greeter’s job is to welcome you, give you a bulletin, help people find their way around the church, and answer questions.  

If you are interested in getting involved in this ministry, please speak to Ruth.

Worship Leaders

Also known as the music groups, members of this ministry lead the congregation in musical worship of the Lord. This ministry requires a lot of dedication, as they meet during the week, and early on Sunday mornings for practice.

If you have a vocal or instrumental gift, please speak to one of the group leaders. (Ruth Jones or Teresa Patton). Or perhaps you have a gift of dancing, and would like to bless the Lord with it during the service. Let Ruth know, and she will schedule a time on a Sunday morning. There is always a space at the front for those who wish ‘to dance before the LORD’ in spontaneous worship.

Scripture Reading

Sounds Simple.  But you aren’t simply reading a story.  You are proclaiming God’s Holy Word.  We take what the Bible says very seriously at St. Luke’s because we believe it to be the Truth as revealed by God to his people.  

If you would like to join this rotating team of readers, speak to one of the wardens..

Communion Servers

This team is responsible for assisting the pastor in distributing the Holy Communion, or Eucharist, to the congregation.

If you are a baptized Christian and would like to join the team of rotating servers, speak to one of the wardens.

Technology - Sound & Screens

These ministries provide a supporting role to several of the other ministries that take place on a Sunday morning.  Sound Technicians are responsible to ensure the worship team and all speakers are mixed properly throughout the service, so that all can worship the Lord, and hear what he has for his flock.

Overhead screen operators are responsible for running our easy to use program, which supports other ministries by displaying liturgy, songs, scriptures and sermons as needed.  The program we use, Easy Worship, is very user friendly, and minimal computer experience is required to be comfortable with it.  

If you are interested in helping out with the sound ministry, or would like to give overheads a try speak to Jennifer Hoffman.

Altar Guild

This group is responsible for preparing the altar for Holy Communion each week and taking care of the altar area and all the linens and vestments.

If you would like to help out, speak to Sheila Breen.

Ushers / Sidespeople

Whatever you call them, they are responsible for passing the basket during the offertory, ‘directing traffic’ during communion, and keeping an eye out in the halls during the service.  

If you would like to help out in this ministry, speak to one of the wardens.

Banner Making / Church Decorating

This talented ministry is dedicated to providing the banners along the sides and front, in the halls, and decorating the baptismal font area among other things. The aim is to reflect the changing seasons in the church life or a subject we may be studying at the time.

If you have the time for this very rewarding ministry please speak to one of the wardens.

Prayer Ministry

At the conclusion of the service, prayer is offered at the front of the church for anyone who desires it.  If someone is already up there, just go and sit down at the front pew and wait, someone will get to you as soon as they are finished.  

If you have it on your heart to participate in this ministry, speak to one of the wardens.

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