In AD 73, a group of Jewish rebels looked down from the mountain top fortress of Masada on an 
advancing Roman army.  Facing certain defeat, the Jewish people set fire to all the buildings except
the storehouses containing food, which were left intact to show the Romans that the defenders had not
been subdued for want of necessaries.
     As God would have it, during the evacuation of Masada in the
mid-1960's, date palm seeds were found.  These seeds were radiocarbon dated and found to be 2000
years old.  The seeds were held in storage at BAr-Ilan University for 40 years, at which time a scientist
planted two of the seeds.  The seeds were given fertilizer, warmth, water, and light....and the seeds
began to grow.  The seeds grew a Judean date palm (known to the Hebrews as The Tree of Life),
a tree that had been extinct for 1800 years.
     God has put a desire into all of His people, a desire to
fulfill the purpose that he has for our lives.  No matter how long this desire is dormant, it is still there
waiting for the opportunity to be in the right environment so that it can grow.  We invite you to such an
environment. It is never to late to begin serving GOD