Sun Dec 17, 2017

»   RT @Pioneer_Camp: Tips for debriefing the camp experience with your kids! {view link} #summercamp #parenting #protip

»   Sid Koop encouraging youth leaders who are pouring into the next generation. #todaysteens17 #nowisthetime {view link}

»   A big thanks to all the 1400+ youth workers, youth and volunteers who gathered today to be equipped to engage the… {view link}

»   "Our motivation for responding to a broken world comes out of never getting over that we were once lost but now found" @NateBThompson

»   noticeandy's photo {view link}

»   "Kids are not just the church of tomorrow, they are also the church of today." - @Sid_Koop #todaysteens17

»   "Jesus has a missional plan for kids to reveal to us as adults, in how to pursue Jesus. "- @Sid_Koop #todaysteens17

»   "God has placed His children in our care, we need to ask ourselves what are things that we are doing that is hindering kids from Jesus."

»   "If you are fighting to bring people to Jesus, you are never wasting your life"- @Sid_Koop #todaysteens17

»   #Nowsthetime #todaysteens17 {view link}

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