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The Atheist v/s The Christian Worldview
June 1, 2016

The Atheist, oddly enough, claims that their belief system is scientific when in fact it adheres more closely to a religion. This is due to the fact that Atheist cling to their beliefs even when the science they profess clearly points in another direction. They start from a position that rules out God in any form or shape. In doing so they pervert the very institution they claim to uphold. That being scientific knowledge. By ruling out, from the start, any possibility of creation by intelligent design they reveal the fallacy of their position. Their religion, if it be justifiable to call it that, states that no act of creation could possibly have taken place mainly because there is no creator. This act of creation that did not take place is then replaced by an act of creation that happened out of nothing all by itself. It matters not that they can’t reproduce a single event in nature that does not need some sort of catalyst to begin it. It simple must have happened because creation exist. This is by definition faith on steroids. In other words, the creation that is could not have been started by God because God does not exist but the creation that is did start from nothing with no catalyst because it is. The irony is astounding since simply believing God does not exist has nothing to do with making your view correct. It is however one of the main tenants of atheism that a natural process must explain creation. In contrast the Christian view sees God’s creative work as the only possible explanation.

     In terms of their approach to Christianity or religion in general, atheist see it as an obstacle to the advancement of mankind. It is of a truth that they say that their beliefs start with man and not God seeing that they make man God. Anything that is placed above man’s experience or need is intolerable. In addition the atheist believes that man is the sum of his own best efforts and that he alone is responsible for what he is to become. This stands in complete opposition to the most crucial aspects of Christianity and its followers who believe God is sovereign over all of creation of which man is a part. In other words God has a right to tell men what to do. Promises of salvation or fear of judgement offer nothing to society in the atheist view and instead only stop mankind from reaching its greatest fulfillment.

    Strangely enough Atheist do not seek to argue the ethics of Christianity. It is only the origin of that ethical system that is in question. The belief being that the ethical code evolves out of human need and interest. They would even preserve the best parts of the Judeo-Christian ethical system because they agree with some of its points. Their position however is seriously flawed. Anyone who has ever visited a prison knows there is a code in place. The prisoners have needs and interest that led to its creation. The problem is that it is far from ethical and more times than not leads to more ciaos and destruction. As a whole the atheist view of situational ethics just does not work. This is because man apart from God is insufficient and selfish. He will fulfill his needs even at the expense of others if necessary. The atheist also believes that reason and intelligence are the most effective faculties of man. The atheist forgets that intelligence is worthless if not properly applied. There are many intelligent people who hold to this belief system but in doing so misapply all that they know. No matter what data is placed before them they will misapply their knowledge to arrive at a flawed result. The Christian is far more open minded about such things and derives his or her ethical standard from the God of the Bible seeing it has been tested over thousands of years and found trustworthy.

     When it comes to the area of the individual the atheist believes that the desire of man and the fulfillment of that desire is a right. Man should be free to explore and indulge in any act that fulfills his or her needs. Any society that cultivates such a view is destined to collapse. This is because when the desire of one man is fulfilled at some level, another is oppressed. The foundational unit, the family, cannot exist in any beneficial form under such a situation. Adultery, fornication, and pornography become the norm and productive members of society cease to be produced. The atheist would say that tolerance is the key but tolerance to must have a limit. Who is to say where the limit will be? If desire and experience lead to paradise then why have a limit at all? The fact is a man fulfilling his desires will ultimately at some point oppress others. What about their desires?  The atheist admit that they do not have all the answerers and that their positions are only adequate for now. At some point in the future they know their position will change as it will no longer be able to meet the needs of the race. The Christian in contrast stands firmly on a set of beliefs that need never change and has stood the test of time.      


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