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Did you know that The Journey is COMPLETELY supported by it's OWN Members?

Everything you see, everything we do, is a direct result of the blessings received by God as He gives to our members, and even visitors, who in turn generously give to The Journey! We receive NO subsidy from ANY other church, Non Profit organization, and Not from our conference of churches!

The Journey is 100% Independently Supported financially by Your generosity!

Won't you take the time to check us out? Take a closer look! Perhaps you can find something that we do that you would like to become involved in, or perhaps you may just want to support us financially in a specific area!

Here's your Opportunity to be a part of our ministry as we work together to increase the Kingdom of God, 1 Blesssing at a time!

Currently there are 4 Campaigns we have outlined that are specific in ways you can help us at The Journey.

1. Monthly Tithe - This money is used to pay our Pastors and staff. The salaries are fixed and do not fluctuate with your giving! The excess rolls into savings to support the operation of the church and its expenses.

Church Expense & Operations- This is the money that pays for our rent and the usage of the building. It helps us purchase new equipment, like lights, sound equipment, wires, even replacing outdated computers and software. The worship experience shouldn't be distracted by technology!

Hospitality & Meals - We provide hot meals at The Journey! There are some who walk through our door that partake of a meal that we provide. We know that meal they eat may be the only meal they eat all day, and may be for 2 days. So we provide this food as generously as we know how!

Video Streaming & Internet Support - Video Streaming. To some it seems like a luxury. However, in today's world it is truly one of many necessary ways to bring the Gospel into the homes of people far beyond our reach. With today's technology, we are able to share the Word of God in ways we never could have imagined just 2 generations ago. The Journey is a small church with a small attendance, and yet, our online presence is large! In 2016, over 100,000 unique computers came to our website, seeking prayer, asking for help, and also took the time to watch some of our video messages! Your support in our video streaming and podcast service helps spread the Gospel all accross the world! You may never travel to distant places as a missionary. However, that doesn't mean your desire to help won't!  

Won't you join us and give? What if you simply gave $1, or $5? Some have the ability to give more! Whatever you give, know that it positively impacts our ministry and helps us increase God's Kingdom as He leads us to use these funds to do His Will!

Remember: Your gift today is tax refundable, and we are accountable with your funds to use them as you direct them! That's our promise to you!

Thank You For Your Gift Today!

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