You belong here...


...we've been expecting you.

We are a dynamic, growing fellowship centrally located in Lancaster, CA, serving the greater Antelope Valley.  We're committed to a new way of doing things for the 21st Century.

God has blessed our fellowship with people who make following Jesus Christ exciting and challenging.  People of many cultures are coming together to deepen their faith and to make a difference in the world.

And all of this is God's doing!

You're invited to drop in, try it out and worship with us.  Then see if this is the place for you and those around you to find out more about God and about yourself.

We know that if you give Christ a chance, your life will be changed forever.

Grace and Peace,

Your Friends at Lancaster United

P.S.  Be Sure to check out our "How to..." with hints on deepening your faith walk along with the many other features of our website.  It's all designed to strengthen your relationship with God's Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ.

Please Note: What is spirituality? How do we experience it?


If you’re like many people, you might have doubts about church and religion. But set those thoughts aside for a moment, and consider with us that spirituality -- and church -- doesn’t have to be confined to a building, or to a Sunday, to be real.


It is an everyday connection, present and available anywhere, anytime. It exists in global issues, communities, and it is a part of your personal life.


We invite you to come as you are, question, think, learn and explore what spirituality and church can mean to you. 


Look around and see what you think. Rethink Church!


This is a spiritual place for you to question, discuss, get involved and make a difference!