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LUMC Community Kitchen

Join our twice a week, open-door lunches as we offer the hungry a hot meal.  You can start helping this week!   





Join the effort to make a difference here in the Antelope Valley and around the world.



Community Immigration Clinics

Twice a year we host an information clinic on Immigration and a number of other related issues. Immigration Lawyers, para-legals and other experts are present on our campus to help us offer resources to those with Immigration questions.

If you want to help or find out when the next Immigration Clinic is scheduled, please call 6761-942-0419
   Blessing Bags 

Our Blessing Bag Team gathers the personal items needed for homeless individuals, places them in large plastic bags and makes them available to pass out on the street to those who need help.  Bette Jo Valdez organizes these bags on a monthly basis. 

Contact 661-942-0419 if you want to help! 



 Caring Ministry Team

Visiting the Homebound, Praying with the Sick, keeping the connection with those in crisis... the purpose of this group is to develop any and all ideas that God gives us in order to care for the homebound,sick, afflicted and hurting around us to the best of our God-Given abilities as we grow in Christ.


In the recent past, we've gathered emergency EBOLA related supplies for West Africa, support a clinic in Liberia and connected people with ministries in Mexico, Japan and China.  There's always something happening here at Lancaster United Methodist Church.

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 God's Creation Missions:

"The earth is the LORD"S, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it..."  (Psalm 24:1) 


 Shared UMC Missions:

Benevolences: Giving beyond the Antelope Valley:

We give in Gratitude for the Love of Christ in our lives 14% ( more than a tithe -10%) of our church income to those in our State, Nation and World who are in need. Check it out here.




You are invited to become a part of all the powerful and exciting ways that God's Holy Spirit is moving in our congregation and community.  

Check into any and all of these great places of service and mission.  

You'll be glad you did.


Other Missions we strongly support: 

     AV Youth Support Association

     Lancaster Community Homeless Shelter   

  or Lancaster Community Homeless Shelter-2

    CROP Walk for Hunger locally and world-wide.



• The 
Every fall where we join people from all over the Antelope Valley in raising funds to eradicate hunger.  National website is here.
(What to help?  Simply email Sharon at this email address:  lumc@lancasterunited.org 
for more info.)


Disaster Relief:

Connect with other congregations as we amplify the power of one into the power of millions.  We respond with Prayer and Aid for places like Pakistan, Haiti, Mexico, Chile, etc.