Welcome to our Newest Members
Welcome to our 8 newest members

KC- moved to Byron and was welcomed to BUC. She now leads a seniors exercise group.

L&CM- moved from Lambeth to Byron. Their children were involved in the youth program and felt very welcomed.

DJ- has lived in Byron for a number of years and became involved with our youth program. Their family has a long
      time relationship with BUC and he is now helping with the worship services. 

NL- transfered her membership from her home country church. Family members moved from Toronto to Byron and are 
      involved in the Sunday School. Her relationship to BUC is a "great asset" and she aligns with the church's Outreach.

MH- joined with another friend and found BUC a welcoming community.

KH- joined from Ingersol and found "suppotive" friends at BUC after losing her husband. "BUC is very welcoming and the 
       music gives me such a lift!"

MJH- moved from Windsor has a strong church background. She wishes to "renew her relationship with God and Jesus.