December 29, 2017

Dear Friends:  


Below is a compilation of letters received over the last few years since the LORD called me to walk away from the world to work for HIM...  I decided to released these letters I collected because I can't impress enough on people the importance of sharing the Words I received from GOD to warn and encourage the people.  This ministry and all that it is about is so much bigger than the frail humans behind the scenes.  If you had a cure for cancer, you would want to spread it out wide and far, and that's how I feel about these messages.  They are life-saving and life-giving from the heart of GOD.  No human being planned this ministry and no human being could inspire the hearts of the readers like GOD HIMSELF.  If you are inspired by these readers' letters and would like to read these same books, go to this website and you can find these books and other books given freely by other authors who hear from GOD.  All the Ebooks and other materials on end times and intimacy with GOD are TOTALLY FREE:

Matthew 7:16-20 (KJV): Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.  18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.  19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.  20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.


Thank you Lord! This is the word from your heart we needed to hear. Glory to God! I share this book. Sylvia M.


I have this and two others from Susan on my tablet. I do believe they are Words from Jesus.  Jeannie H.


My Favorite chapter in this book is about humbleness and love!!! - I have so much to learn about it so i study about it almost every night before i sleep! In hope God will help me to be more humble and loving Because it is a beautiful think to be and My role model is JESUS so i tray to compare and measure myself up with Him.
- Wisdom Word. One of the greatest act of compliment to another person is to be alike him tray to copy that person! JESUS IS LOVING AND HUMBLE So why should we not be ???  Jonatan H.


I’m reading this again and again and it restores my faith! Hallelujah!  Jeremiah D.


I loved reading this book! Thank you Jesus!  Scott D. 


Powerful book!  Margaret 


Thank you so much dear Sister. The LORD bless you for the powerful encouragement.  Diana J., 9/2016

Dear Curtis (Minister Curtis Roach, Host of the Watchman Radio Show in London, UK) thank you for the message, and for Susan Davis. I have to say I have read a couple of Susan's books, and believe you me they put things into perspective about the times we are living in. Just look at what has been happening over the last 2 weeks. The Typhoon in the Philippines, the recent hurricane in America, and just yesterday the cyclone that hit Italy. The country is now in a state of emergency. The levels of these disasters are becoming more and more intense. Who says that Jesus isn't coming soon. The handwriting is all over the wall: Radio Interview:

Wow, thank you for this, Susan!  This is most humbling and causes me to strip away the things that are not necessary in my life...I feel compelled to continue to earnestly seek Him..Blessings, Greg, 9/2016

Thanks Sister Susan, for sharing the eBook through the link. Yes, It's important to share with my families, colleagues and friends and even to share with new believers to increase their faith and trust, and prepare for His imminent coming. With grateful thanks. Our Lord Jesus Christ bless your ministry works for the Kingdom of God until Maranatha He comes and raptures all His beloved saints. Amen....all the Glory to the Lord Jesus alone.....Immanuel...Cynthia W., S. Australia, 10/2013

Susan God, is your goal ..... You are a useful vessel in the hands of God to share those beautiful messages that God gives us each day that nourish us and give us the strength to continue in our spiritual life based on the Holy Bible . . I thank God for giving us a doe like you and helping us in our spiritual life through the Lord Jesus Christ. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Rosa, Facebook, October 30, 2017

Hi.. Susan I have finished reading your posts. thank you for writing it for us. Before reading your article, I was told by the Holy Spirit that marks the coming of Jesus to two times already evident. God says all the disasters that occurred in my country is to warn My children that they may repent and leave this world charm. After that I asked is there someone else who got the same message of God? And the Holy Spirit led me to read posts that you create. God bless and pray for us in Indonesia. Thank you Love in CHRIST, Rina, Balikpapan, Indonesia, 3/2014

Thank you so much for these gifts Sister. I appreciate and cherish these revelations. I have been following and reading your messages posted on the End Time Prophecy web site for a couple of years now. May God bless you.  Umoh G., Lagos, Nigeria, 10/12/2015

Thanks Susan, keep up the good work.  These letters are so powerful, when I was still struggling with sin it gave me hope.

I gave my life to Jesus in 2015 and these letters played a huge part in my salvation.  God bless you and fill you with more of his oil...A. Dominic, 10/2016


I love the book and I'm still reading it. This book has blessed my heart in many ways that I cannot express. This book along with the HOLY SPIRIT has opened my eyes in ways I cannot explain. To GOD be all the Glory, Amen! Paul D., 2014

I finally have finished reading Marriage Supper of the Lamb. What an inspiration, wakeup call and a big self check. So good to refresh yourself and just have the Lord minister to us in our lives. How blessed we are. It's renewed a new fire in me, Glory to God. Thank you so much Susan for being such an honorable and obedient servant of our Lord God Almighty. There are not enough words to describe how awesome He truly is.  Rhonda D., July 4, 2016

I recently finished reading your book "In Love with the Whirlwind", and I must say that I really liked it! Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful testimony of what GOD has done in your life and for enlighten us with your Holy Spirit-filled faith Glory to GOD ! Marcos R., 2013 

Your book was such a blessing and a good lesson to my life.  PT, March 28, 2015, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Dear Susan Davis, Greetings to you in the Magnificent Name! I hope things well with you there, When came to see your link and website really I was inspires and thrilled to see the activities of your ministry it was touched my heart so greatly and The Marriage Supper of the Lamb wonderful message! After gone through it... I prayerfully asking you come to India and Minister with us in 2014 at any time. I need your prayers and fellowship hope to hear from you soon! In His Service Pastor N., 2014, India

Dear Susan, Calvary greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, My name is Bro. Kingsley O. I will like to thank you immensely for the great work that you are doing for the Lord, I believe that God is truly at work in your life and in your Ministry, and I do not cease to pray for you in my own privacy that God should preserve you and your ministry blameless and spotless till the  great day of his appearing in Jesus name.  8/2016,

Hi Susan, thank you to add me, I am glad to know you sister, I have already read some your notes about messages from GOD, thanks to remind us about HIS second coming hopefully with read these messages my faith to HIM more grow and grow up and share this to others, YAHWEH bless your ministry sister!  Yulanti, Jakarta, Indonesia,

It's great sister.  Thank you so much for the friendship and for the works you done for the LORD. thanks for all the info you provided me here. JESUS blessings over you !  Florentina S., Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 3/29/14, 

I have gone through the letters, the radio interviews and something really struck me, the Lord is calling , we must open our ears and follow HIS word.  It's a great marvel and I can't help going through the letters and the teachings again and again.  May the Good Lord bless you all the days of your life and make you feel great and confident in everything that you are doing for the people of this world.  Charles M., Zimbabwe, 5/2016

I thank God for your ministry, it is a real blessing to me. May God bless you.  Maureen K., Kenya, 6/2016

Dear Susan, Greetings from GOD from in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for what His is using you to do in this end time. I just read some of your write ups. I was greatly inspired. I will appreciate an update of your ongoing visions. Thanks &  Best wishes, IA, 6/2016


Re: MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB: Thank you for accepting my request. I have read the book twice and we have been distributing the books also. My church uses it as a tool for evangelism. I must say it is amazing and eye-opening. God bless you. Sandra E., 3/2014

Hi Susan, Thanks for the gift. I will definitely share it. You are a blessing, may the Lord use you more to equip and prepare His bride. Blessings! Ruth O., Nairobi, Kenya, 3/23/2013

Thank you Susan. I appreciate your work and how God is using you. In 2013 I used your book Marriage Supper of the Lamb to bring my hubby and family in the right waiting for the Lord. Now he asked me again if I can't bring something new to steer us to or prepare us for rapture...Amanda W., Carleton: Gauteng, 5/25/2016

Glory May God strengthen you. Please Keep on teaching. In Africa this has not been taught in many churches. most of the people are so sorrow on the truth. I pray that one day God will bring such teachings to my home. Great thanks. Glory to Jesus.  Doma O., Mombasa, Kenya, 5/24/16

I was truly blessed when I read your book Marriage Supper of The Lamb...thank you so much.  Diane

Thank you so much Dearest Susan. The Lords letters to you are a great inspiration to my life and that of my friends walk with the Lord Jesus. I believe I shall make full use of the materials (links) you've sent me. Thank you for accepting me. May the Lord bless you...BBD, Gaborone, Botswana, 9/14/2014


Thank You so much Susan. May God bless you.  I'm lucky that God loves me.  I have that copy of that book already.  It's amazing preparation of God's return to take his blind away.  Thank you so much.  Let's preach the gospel all over the world because that is our mission we were called to do. Judy M., Nairobi, Kenya, 5/7/2014


Thank you - I have posted many of your free books on Pin.Interest making them available to anyone who will choose to look. Thank you for your ministry and the Lord bless you...S. Saak, Toronto, ON, Canada, 4/11/2016


Thanks a lot Susan!...It would be very Inspiring and helpful boosting my spiritual awareness!  My email address was registered in your database...last year....I love your Books and your Endtime Prophecy Updates!...Saron B., 8/31/2013, Chennai, India

Thank you, Sister Susan, for your email.  Thank you for sharing with us the words of the Lord.   They are beautiful and touch our spirit. C. Chan, 2/16/2016

Very good stuff Susan!  Many thanks...I will email my friends here in Australia. God bless you for this ministry!!  Tracey L., Australia, 3/17/2016

Hi Susan: its Janet from South Africa, Thank you so much for sending me the Lord's words always. I have been trying to seek God and being thankful that I am receiving this words from our Savior Jesus Christ which makes me to seek Him and ask the Holy Spirit to help and guide me in the correct path of God almighty. To have intimate relationship with Him. Some words are a confirmation to me of what Father God once spoken to me about intimacy with Him. Thank you so much once more and I ask that please pray for me as I am seeking His face and to dwell in his presence always. God bless u and your family so much.  Janet M., South Africa, 12/13/2015

Thanks a lot. I have gone over the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and what a blessing it has been. May the lord continue to speak to us through you.  Pastor Nyasha Z., Zimbabwe, 1/31/2014

Hello Mrs. Davis and THANK YOU for your humble service to the Lord. This email truly refreshed my soul. "Eternal companion" to Jesus. Oh!! How I lovveeeeeeeeee this. I love it so much. Thank you for taking the time to write all of this. I love you. Thank you. God bless you always dear. Have a terrific day! Love, your sister, Alea, 10/3/14

Letter to Minister Curtis Roach regarding radio interview with Susan: Hi Curtis, thank you so much for bringing us Susan Davis and for the work you do for our Lord Jesus Christ. I would like to recommend Susan's books, thanks to her writings I am seriously focusing on having a relationship with the Father. Let's read the bible more, let's give Him all the glory for every little event in our lives, let us wake up 2 hours earlier before work and make Him our number ONE as it is our first commandment. iPhone and social media have become people's god. They are addicted, they cannot live without them. These are tools given by the enemy to keep us "entertained and distracted". Well said about giving Him our "left over time." God MUST be our number one priority always. He is still patient and merciful but once the time is up IT IS UP! God is knocking on people's hearts these days. Don't ignore Him.  Olga A., 2015


Dear Sister Susan Davis, I have received your lovely message with great happiness. God bless you for your very important message. The grace of our LORD JESUS CHRIST be with you.  K. C/2/18/13




Great the teaching to save your soul—Andrew J./11/14


I really loved reading this book a lot. It is a great book to read on JESUS.. I really enjoyed reading this book on JESUS….Caroline, 6/14


If you understand and can "hear" God's Voice, you will not want to miss this book dictated to Susan from Him in the last year. With eyes of Faith you can understand God's love for each of His children and especially His Bride. The time has arrived for the "wedding" to His Son. This book tells us exactly what is required to be His Bride. Let there be no doubt, Christ is coming for His Bride soon. Don't be left behind.....William, 5/20/13




Please get this book and get extras to give out: I wish everyone would read this book! The world needs to know the truth. Humanity had been so deceived.  Claudia, 8/13/14


Excellent prophecy book. These are words from our Lord for anyone wanting to make sure they are ready for the rapture, or even if you want to learn more. Contains new words from the Lord, as well as references to scripture to confirm the new word.  Jeannie H., 12/13/14




If your interested in going to Heaven this is a must read! Incredible.....absolutely loved this book and all her other books along with Hell's Testimonies by Mike Peralta. A must read for all if you want to be heaven bound. Time is short and these books will get you on the right track. They changed my life for sure! CLG, 10/28/14

Read this cover to cover; no time to lose; Jesus is Coming!  More details are given in Susan's conversations with Jesus. Further warnings, about how we need to honestly examine ourselves as the Rapture approaches. Our Lord Jesus will not take the unrepentant, those with unforgiveness in their hearts, the dangers of pride, arrogance and self-righteousness, these are sins, too, The need for humility and total surrender to Jesus. Many other important points born again Christians need to consider in preparing and truly being ready! There are 64 chapters; all of these contain surprising things, many of us may have missed. You need this important dictated document from the Lord Himself. There will be ONLY ONE Rapture, if you miss it; the consequences will be beyond imagination; many people will be lost forever. 10/15/14




A must-read for people who think they are saved: For anyone that thinks they are saved and ready, this is a must read. It's a very sobering message and revelation about the Lord's requirements to be ready. God's word says to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. If this be the case then the majority of the church are deceived about their salvation and are not ready as they think they are. If you are entangled in the world or the things of this world, read this as a matter of urgency and heed the warning, repent and turn away from desiring the things of this world and seek the Lord earnestly. Thank the Lord for messages like these which just once again shows His Grace towards us!

Also regarding the Title, Even though the Title is called 'Rapture or Tribulation', this is not the core message of this book and having ready it I am of the opinion that it's not trying at all to make a statement that the Rapture is before the Tribulation even though it might appear that way. There are strong messages that there will be great trouble after the Day of the Lord, but doesn't dismiss that there won't be any trouble before the day of the Lord. The core message is to turn back to the Lord, repent and make yourself ready for His return. This is stressed over and over. For anyone that thinks they are saved and ready, this is a must read. It's a very sobering message and revelation about the Lord's requirements to be ready. God's word says to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. If this be the case then the majority of the church are deceived about their salvation and are not ready as they think they are. If you are entangled in the world or the things of this world, read this as a matter of urgency and heed the warning, repent and turn away from desiring the things of this world and seek the Lord earnestly. Thank the Lord for messages like these which just once again shows His Grace towards us!

Also regarding the Title, Even though the Title is called 'Rapture or Tribulation', this is not the core message of this book and having ready it I am of the opinion that it's not trying at all to make a statement that the Rapture is before the Tribulation even though it might appear that way. There are strong messages that there will be great trouble after the Day of the Lord, but doesn't dismiss that there won't be any trouble before the day of the Lord. The core message is to turn back to the Lord, repent and make yourself ready for His return. This is stressed over and over. YDS, 10/19/14


My heart is full: This book made my heart full to hear how our LORD and Savior pleads for his church to get right and prepare for his coming. I had to read it twice it was so compelling. I know personally that I intend to fully follow his instructions, hoping and praying that I am found worthy when he arrives. Great read! Jetta55, 9/4/13


Brilliant, Been motivated to watch my life, Andrew J., 11/14/14




Read it, highlight it, share it: I recommend that when you read this book, highlight it to look back on it, and share it! I have highlighted more in this Kindle book than any other book I own on Kindle. This book has inspired me to grow closer to the Lord and spend more time with Him. I believe Susan's writings are coming from God because they line up with Scripture. The words are NOT a separate gospel and they do NOT deviate from the truth. God's heart is so tender towards His children and He is even willing to give people that have turned their back on Him a second chance. Deanna, 10/8/12


I really loved reading Marriage Supper of the LAMB by Susan Davis it is a great book to read
I will keep reading this book off and on love Caroline B., 7/13/14


A MUST read for all Christians: I recommend this book to ALL persons who claim to be a Christian. It clearly explains that we are STILL called to FAST which produces results in our prayer life. Many things in this book you may not be aware of, but it is all dictated to Susan Davis during a 40 day fast which is rarely done, by our Savior, Jesus Christ. My favorite part was when He tells us about HEAVEN! SO EXCITING. And SO worth any sacrifices you will need to make to be worthy of living in God's presence.  Keep an open mind for things you haven't heard in church and you will enjoy learning the revelation knowledge Jesus gave to Susan in this book. Jeannie H., 11/14/14


Right next to my Bible; a daily read!  Most Anointed piece I have ever, ever read. My brand, new copy is now dog-eared!  M. Alexander, 8/4/14


Wow, A MUST read--From the heart of God! Especially the first half confirming the love he has for us and the deception most people are under. The once saved, always saved and hyper Grace teacher's want to read since it confirms this teaching is a deception and also uses scripture to show the slippery slope so very many are on. Written in a loving way, thus, from the heart of God. Whether you are pre, mid, or post trib, as she seals with this at end, it doesn't matter, just read this book and search your heart. Jenn, 7/2/14


I love it! Amazing praise the Lord and can't beat the price. Can actually be found free on the site. Amazing word from the Lord. Encouraging. MM, 6/24/14


Keep it forever: I have always wanted to hear or see something written about the important differences between what the world offers and the most precious offer of life everlasting through Jesus Christ. This anointed book will help anyone who wants to follow God more closely. There are scriptures that say we should not be a friend of the this world, or love what it offers to us, and in this book the Lord Himself explains it so very well. I will keep this book, and read it every once in awhile to keep myself grounded in the solid rock, which is Jesus Christ, the Lord. It also makes me sad that many, even Christians, will not be accounted worthy to escape the most evil reign this world has ever seen or ever will see.  Onlytruth4me, 6/3/14


Love, Love, Love the book: I have read Marriage Supper of the Lamb. It is one of the most anointed books I have ever read. The chapters cover such topics as forgiveness, humility, preparing for what is coming in the world, and the Great Banquet. When one reads the words there is no doubt a higher power dictated these words. I personally know Susan Davis and she is one of the most honest, humble, giving, brilliant and passionate people working for the Lord that I have ever met. As an RN of 30 years I visited her weekly during her fast. She never had any illnesses related to her fast and was completely intact physically, mentally and spiritually at the conclusion of her 40 days of water and juice fast. Kudos to Susan for enduring to the end and for having received the amazing words in the Marriage Supper book. The book has been or is in the process of being translated into 10 languages from Romanian to Indonesian, Rwandan, Chinese, French, Spanish, etc. The international community recognizes this work as a leading written instruction booklet and encouragement in these end times and each translation has completely been done by volunteers who want to identify with the fine work by Susan and the connection to the Lord. Well done good and faithful servant for the Lord. HIS daughter, 9/10/14


In Love with the Whirlwind

This book is wonderful because it is written by an ordinary real woman who experiences the supernatural God! For someone who is not from a "Charismatic" background this is huge because the author does not confine God to a pre-determined box; she allows God to be God. And in doing so, she shares the wonder, the miracles and the love of God with us. The Book is also full of Scripture and encouragement to be ready for the soon coming of Christ. Read it and join the adventure! Princess, 2/11/10


I love the book—GOD is awesome: This book is amazing and shows how God is in our lives everyday. Susan shows how God is involved with us and how much He desires a relationship with us and loves us. Jesus is coming very soon for His bride (church) and I would highly recommend this wonderful book if you want to be closer to the Lord. Thank you Susan for sharing the many wonderful ways how God is with us and loves us. Buddy, 4/7/10


Now my love for JESUS CHRIST is not like before. I love Him more than ever and long for Him every day.  I wanna  know more about Him. I want that He becomes my Best friend as I sang  when I was a lukewarm. I just want to be close to Him and won’t leave Him anymore for this world. I pray every day, read the Bible every day and listen to the sermons (from your conference about The End

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