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Children readingOne of the best places for your church may be your own home. After all, homes are where most of the churches in the days of the New Testament met for worship, fellowship, teaching, and ministry. Led by laypersons like us, they were powerful—and changed their world by meeting God at home. Churches that meet in homes are booming around the world. No wonder! They fill a room and then grow by starting another similar church. They are simple to begin and to function. They never have to worry about buildings, salaries, maintenance, or complicated organizations. And anyone can do it. We are!! You can, too.

If you ready to experience sacramental, liturgical and spirit led worship right in your own home, this is the place for you!
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Home Church Model

The Home Church Network Model

The Home Church Network (HCN) resources are specifically created to meet the needs of a particular church design or model.  This model is defined as a very small, sacramental and liturgical spirit led church that normally meets in a home.  Each church consists of the number of people that will fit into the meeting space.  It will usually be led by laypersons.  A typical home church will often find itself led or accompanied by a theologically trained pastor or leader.  Various groups and writers today popularly refer to one form or another of this church model as a house, home, simple, or micro church.  We prefer “home” church.

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My Home Church

It's Sunday morning. You wake up refreshed, and anxious to give thanks to Our Lord by attending your regular Sunday church services. The coffee is brewing, the sun is warming up a beautiful spring day. The family is getting ready for Sunday services. And then...there's a knock on the door. Who would think of knocking on your door at 9:00am on a Sunday, of all days, knowing that you go to church at that time? But it's not an unwanted visitor who may make you late for church. IT IS YOUR CHURCH!!! A group of Christian friends who gather together each and every Sunday in your home chapel to praise God, worship Him and fellowship together. You share worship, and then a meal, and spend the day in faith, fellowship and friendship with those of like precious faith. You end your day renewed and refreshed in your faith and relationship with Jesus Christ, ready to take on the challanges of the coming week with new vigor and vitality.

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The Home Church Network
Administration Office
3117 Spring Glen Rd. Suite #408
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Phone: (772) 834-5887

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» Bishop Mike Zulinke, OSA
Bishop Home Church Network

» +John L. Simons, OSA
Assisting Bishop - Home Church Network

Learn how to start your own Home Church with Christian Leaders Institute
January 15, 2019
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St. Alcuin House Theological Seminary Now Open
January 01, 2019
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St. Alcuin House Theological Seminary Has New Website Courses
December 15, 2018
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