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Hannah's Prayer Community Forums (click to go to our forums page) are the message/bulletin board branch of Hannah's Prayer Ministries. If you are interested in joining, please confirm that you are in agreement with our Statement of Faith and our views on Faith and Fertility (which can be found on this page). The steps for joining the Community are below (you may wish to print this page for reference). Once you are a registered member of our Community, quick links to each forum are listed under our groups offered option.

Once you have read our Statement of Faith and views about Faith and Fertility, if the Hannah's Prayer Community seems like the place for you, click here. Your screen will read, "You do not have permission to view this board." From the "Useful Links" (bottom left of your screen) select, "Register a new account." You will need to choose a username and password, give us your e-mail address and agree to our terms of service.

Choosing a username - While some of our new members are dealing with Secondary Infertility and already have one or more living children at home, please keep in mind that many of our members are still waiting for children. They may find it difficult to see a username referencing your motherhood (i.e. "happy2bmom"). In light of that, we do not allow usernames to reference living children. Usernames that reference lost babies due to pregnancy/infant loss are allowed.

Please note, username and password are Case Sensitive. (Example: If I register with the word aPple, the I must use aPple each time. Apple, or apple or APPLE or appLe will not work.) You will then be sent an e-mail to confirm your registration. Click the e-mail link to activate your account.  All new user accounts must first be approved by an administrator, which can take a day or two.  Once your account is approved, you will receive notification and you can then begin using the forums!


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