2013-12: Christmas Thoughts - BEING & BEHOLDING
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Only how many days 'til Christmas!??! I say it every year (and no doubt, so do you) …. how did we get here so quickly?

I was doing the obligatory grocery shop the other day (like a decent one; not the dash-in-grab-a-couple-things-and-get-out-as-quickly-as-possible type shop) and my eyes kept getting drawn to all the beautiful colours and sparkly trinkets that go with the lead up to Christmas in the commercial world. So pretty. So distracting.

There ARE so many things going on in the lead up to Christmas though, aren't there? The end of year school awards nights, concerts and carol sing-alongs, the gift shopping, card writing, house-guest preparing….all so pretty (for the most part) but also very possibly distracting.

Even as I write, my mind is pulled in conflicting directions - the myriad of things I need to organise for upcoming Christmas services and events. I wondered briefly this morning how I'd be preparing for Christmas if I wasn't preparing for the events leading up to Christmas? While these events and 'things' hold potential for good, even good things can pull us away from just BEING with and BEHOLDING the Person it's all about. Yes indeed, it is so very possible that we can do all the preparations for the birthday party, but totally ignore the Guest of Honour.

I pray for all of us that in the lead up to Christmas, our eyes and heart will see through all the pretty (and busy) distractions, and look right into the eyes and heart of the Birthday Christ-boy, seeing what's most important to Him for this special season.

May we BE with and BEHOLD HIM.

Blessed Christmas!

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