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Empowering People in Real Relevant Relationship with Jesus Christ


Our world is rather topsy-turvy at the moment due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic. Gathering together in one place is no longer possible. Churches, cafes, parks - all closed down. However, we can still gather together in prayer.
We can still gather together online.
And this is what I am aiming to do as things proceed. Join me on my facebook page for regular prayer updates and encouraging thoughts. I'm also developing online tools for us to join together in the virtual world.

I am also now offering online music lessons and teaching sessions for individuals or church groups. Contact me for more details.

Meanwhile, stay safe, stay well and stay strong in the Lord. 

He is in the midst of us while we're in the midst of these unsettling times.
Blessings abundant,

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Secure your bookings for your church, community event, music festival, or special function by
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Additionally, Belinda offers Vocal Training aswell as music and worship workshops for your church music team. We look forward to booking your special team development session.

Good Friday Prayer

JUBILEE is here!

Belinda's first CD of original tunes was released with a wonderful celebration, a groovin' band and a great crowd of people. Called 'Jubilee' this album's theme is centred around healing and freedom. 

Visit the Links section on the Home page to visit the Online Store to order.
Click the SoundCloud link to preview
several of BTM's tunes.


Somebody Find Me - Belinda Tigell Music image link

Belinda uploaded a demo of her song Somebody Find Me ready for RUOK Day 2016 - a day which encourages us to connect with those who are doing it tough. 
Listen to the song and then read the story behind it song here
Both the song and the story have also been posted on Facebook. Please feel free to share these posts with those you care about and remember, to "reach out a hand"...


Belinda Tigell Music

Another arm of what Belinda does is performing in mainstream events under the banner of Belinda Tigell Music.

To find out more check out her Belinda Tigell Music website at

Click here to purchase Belinda's products online!

A Prayer On Good Friday


Thank You for You
Thank You for Good Friday
Thank You for the good You did on that Friday
Thank You that that good continues -- it remains 
Thank You that YOU continue and that You remain
Thank You that You cause good to come out of bad -- that bad is not the final answer 
Thank You that You help us to find good whilst in the bad,
because Your grace enables us to see You
-- to find Your hope, light and life

Thank you for the good that is yet before us,
and that the bad cannot and will not remain

Thank You that because of Your goodness in taking our bad,
we can take on Your good,
receiving Your goodness and can live in Your goodness

Thank You that You are Good
You are God
And You are a Good God

Thank You for Friday
Thank You for the Sunday to come
-- Belinda Tigell Ministries --
Being Mindful in a "Sharing"‚Äč World - some thoughts in the midst of this Coronavirus challenge

Some of you may have seen, in times past, posts I've made on Facebook about our need to be increasingly discerning and discriminating when it comes to what we see, read and then "Share" on social media sites. Whether it be memes, supposed "quotes", articles from various websites, or pictographs, the internet, and social media in particular, allows basically anyone to send out into the world whatever they want to.


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March 04, 2020
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