Belinda has been invited to many different situations to speak and to preach. Loving the Word of God, and desiring each one to have an active relationship with the living Word, Belinda is led by the Holy Spirit to speak into each context.

Belinda has preached in a variety of church settings:

Sunday morning services, evening services, cafe style settings, youth groups, women's events, fundraisers, and at schools.
Her years as a Music Pastor in a local church afforded many opportunities to teach on worship, musicianship, team development and other related topics.

Belinda loves to draw out Bible passages to make them come alive and relevant to everyday living and to inspire meaningful and intentional relationship with the Lord with the aim of impacting and influencing the lives of individuals and the world about us.

Belinda is also passionate about mentoring the next generation. She teaches on what mentoring is and how to get started in a life changing relationship targeting her message to both prospective mentors and mentees. Belinda also is a great believer in the value of mentoring and currently mentors a number of young women.

In past years Belinda has also been asked to speak to a number of groups of teenage girls on the subject of body image and eating disorders.


Belinda has released two books over the last couple of years.  

Her first, His Word in My Life, is a 31-study devotional book and comes with a companion study guide.  

Her second book was written after a great response to the content she spoke on at Easterfest in 2011 and her subsequent blogs.  How to Make Your Quiet Times LOUD was released in 2012 and aims to hlep inspire people in developing their daily personal times with God. It has recently undertaken its second print run, such has been its popularity with people of all generations and in differing stages of their spiritual growth.

Both books are available by ordering online by emailing belinda.tigell@gmail.com.

His Word in My Life sells for $14.95, while How to Make Your Quiet Times LOUD retails for $10.00. (Please note that shipping charges will apply to mail orders.)

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