What People Are Saying...
March 22, 2017

From my Inbox:

"Belinda performed at this year's Westbrook Family Fun Day 26 October 2014.  She used the event [as a pre-]launch [of] her debut album Jubilee. The outdoor event drew an audience of over 2500 visitors. Belinda's spiritual songs were captivating, and moving. Her style, tone and depth of words resonated within the Westbrook Community. She takes great effort to understand the purpose and destiny of communities and families and her performance was a reflection of her spiritual journey and intent to impact the atmosphere. Words of hope, strength and destiny came forth during her performance with her words reaching the captivated audience. Her soulful, and spiritual performance added a very powerful and positive impact to the Westbrook Family Fun Day." -- Clayton Rogers, Event Organiser - Westbrook Family Fun Day

Recent Ministries:

"At our recent outreach event to people in our community, Belinda presented the Christian message in an easy conversational style which reflected both her depth of biblical knowledge and her personal journey through ministry and life. She engaged and challenged her audience with her thought-provoking message." 
Kathy Eddie (Outreach Pastor, Hills Church) 
Belinda's Songs on Sound Cloud
March 22, 2017


Follow the link to listen to samples of a number of Belinda's songs, interviews and a full version of Child of Promise, one of Belinda's most requested songs.

Belinda's latest song, written in time for RUOK Day can be found here:

'Jubilee' Album
March 22, 2017

Belinda is chaffing at the bit with anticipation to share the inspiring music and amazing message of Jubilee in other centres across Australia. To invite her to your town, drop her a line or give her a call today.


What people are saying:

Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful words and music on your new CD. I purchased Jubilee at the preview last Sunday and have been playing it in my car ever since. I love your positive, heartfelt, writing and singing. God has definitely given you a wonderful talent and you are using it for Him.


The [Jubilee] CDs arrived yesterday. Love it! Beautiful songs, beautiful voice, beautiful message.

I love it that you have given scripture references for almost all the songs. I think my favourite song is Skillful Writer. No, I think it may be Sweet Peace. No, it’s Child of Promise. No, I don’t know…..I’m glad I don’t have to choose! All your songs are inspired and anointed. 

The song "Jubilee" really spoke to me.


The song "Child of Promise" is amazeballz.

What a blessing. Every song such a delight. Thank you for persevering. It's a long time since we saw you sing for the first time in America.

You sing like an angel!



We often think of Jubilee in terms of commemoration and celebration, but the Old Testament function of Jubilee went much deeper. Jubilee meant liberty, and the Jubilee Year, celebrated every 50 years, signified emancipation and restoration (check out Leviticus 25:8-55). God called His people out of oppression, persecution and slavery, and brought them into the promised land. In the New Testament, we find God continuing the principle of Jubilee through His Son. Jesus brought (and brings) a spiritual liberation, redemption and restoration. Through Him, a way was provided out of sin’s slavery and captivity - a deliverance from the power of sin and Satan. 

Our world is still in need of Jubilee. We continue to find oppression and slavery rife in one form or another. Whether it be release of those held in the clutches of human trafficking, or deliverance from the chains of addiction; the healing of bodies, minds, and souls, or the healing of broken relationships; a restoration of dignity and identity, or a safe place to live and be - Jehovah is the ultimate Freedom-fighter, Restorer and Redeemer. God’s arms are wide. His extravagant love desires to embrace, cover, protect and provide. In Him we find our liberty. In Him we find ultimate deliverance, healing, and salvation. In Him we find our true Jubilee.

To make a booking to have Belinda visit your church or event and share the message and songs of Jubilee, contact us by emailing