Belinda Tigell Ministries

Belinda is an engaging speaker, gifted vocalist and inspired songwriter.  She ministers in the power of the Holy Spirit with a prophetic  message, bringing truth, healing and deliverance to congregations, leaders and individuals.

Belinda is available to minister either as a singer, speaker, worship leader or a combination of these in any of the following events:

Church service
Ladies' events
Outreach events
Schools and youth groups
Worship seminars and training for music teams
Vocal coaching/workshops
Weddings and other special events.
Growing up in Toowoomba, Belinda had an early start to public ministry – performing since eight years of age  and serving in various leadership positions in the Wesleyan church from the age of thirteen. 
After many years of school teaching, Belinda studied theology and music at Hillsong College in 2002. She then returned home to Toowoomba to minister as Music Pastor in a local Presbyterian church for six years.
Belinda has trained in classical voice and enjoys a range of musical styles. In the past few years she has co-written, directed and performed Christmas musical productions as an outreach to the community. 
She has been involved in inter-denominational ministries – worship leading at Combined Church city events, being part of an album recording for and singing at Easterfest, being a guest worship leader at para-church organizations as well as speaking at various church events.
Since March 2009, Belinda has been ministering in an itinerant capacity, enjoying visiting churches of various denominations as well as other Christian groups. She has also spoken in High Schools to classes of girls.
Belinda has a passion to see people grow into all they are in Christ – being set free from the past and experiencing the reality of deep, abiding intimacy with Christ. Her vision is for the church to step up into all she is meant to be – open to the reality and power of the Holy Spirit and the new move of God. She longs for the church today to resemble the church of the New Testament – a transformational organism empowered by the Holy Spirit, impacting lives and communities with the love of Jesus.


Teen Challenge has been privileged to have Belinda support its ministries and events for a number of years. Belinda is always relevant and sensitive to the community and environment in which she is ministering. Whether Belinda is leading intimate chapel worship sessions at Teen Challenge’s New Life Centre or speaking at church or community events, Belinda’s heart is to bring the love of God and usher in the healing presence of the Holy Spirit which will see people set free.
-- Julie Flatt, See Her Live Free Campaign Coordinator, Teen Challenge Queensland .

We really appreciated having Belinda, a gracious, gifted minister, sharing in the leadership of the morning service here. She led our worship and shared some of her personal story and her own songs in a church which contains a wide range of age groups and faith experiences. Her sensitivity to those extremes was appreciated so much that people from all parts of this wide spectrum were very supportive of the suggestion that Belinda be invited back soon. Indeed, Belinda will be bringing the main message, as well as leading the worship, on her next visit next month.
-- Pastor Barry Tattersall, Annerley Church of Christ.

Belinda Tigell ministers in a warm and open way primarily with inspirational songs but also with thoughtful reflections from the word of God. Her ministry time amongst the congregation was well received, with a number expressing appreciation of accurate and timely words from God.
-- Pastor Geoff Armitage, Fairfield Christian Family, Brisbane.

I believe Belinda Tigell is an exciting new talent in the SPIRIT LED ministry of the prophetic and creative music. She has a caring sensitive heart and a desire to reach out to those needing God’s touch on their lives.
-- Pastor Colin Patterson, Regional Director Aroma Ministries, Sri Lanka.

Belinda ministers with a depth of experience and passion for God that truly connects with the heart of those who hear her. As a senior pastor I have found her to be easy to work with adapting to the needs of each congregation.
-- Pastor Rob Simpson, Maryborough Wesleyan, Queensland.

It was a joy to have Belinda in our worship at Hope Wesleyan recently. Her sensitivity in song choice and professional delivery enriched and blessed us all and fitted perfectly into our service. She connected really well with our congregation and we are so grateful for her ministry to us.
-- Pastor Heather Wright, Hope Wesleyan, Sydney, Aust.

In visiting our church recently, Belinda struck a chord with our people: She shared from her heart, in preparation for ministering to us with music, forged from the fires of her own personal experience. I came away from that service feeling like I had met with God.
-- Pastor David Collins, Maryborough Wesleyan, Queensland.

Not only is Belinda a passionate and anointed worship leader, she is also a genuine person with a huge heart to encourage and care for others. She will bring the life of Jesus wherever she ministers.
-- Letitia Shelton, City Women Co-ordinator, Toowoomba

Our music ministry team had the pleasure of an afternoon of training with Belinda recently.  The afternoon being well planned and presented in an interesting and interactive manner, allowed for many opportunities to try out the vocal exercises shown and to ask questions.  Belinda worked with our team, training within the weaknesses that as a team we had identified, throwing in a refresher on vocal theory and microphone technique along the way (we appreciated microphone technique especially).  The consensus after the training was that fun was had by all.   We all learnt something from the session and were eager to put our new skills into practice, giving us all a boost of confidence to continue to grow in our ministry. 

-- Gillian Bonser, Copyright co-ordinator and training session liaison, St Barts Anglican Church, Toowoomba 

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