* JUBILEE album blog 5 - RIDER (Scriptures from Revelation)
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The Story Behind the Song: Rider

(c) 2007 Belinda Tigell

(based on Scriptures from the book of Revelation)

As a girl, I grew up hearing stories of princesses trapped in castles, kept bound by an evil witch or some other dastardly villain.  The beauty, be she a raven-haired Snow White or a blonde Sleeping Beauty, was always rescued by a tall, handsome fellow who seemed to nearly always arrive on scene riding a strong steed. This gallant gent galloped through twisted woods on his mission to rescue the ill-fated damsel in distress.

The knight in shining armour is the dream of all fair maidens it seems. What is the male equivalent to the little girl’s fairy tale? Perhaps the brave knight? the warrior? Fairytales of this ilk are ingrained in our traditional literature. Even the most modern of love stories typically carry some kind of variation in this theme: someone in need of rescue, a crisis, and a rescuer ... followed by the “happily ever after”.

One day I was walking down my driveway with my (then) four-year-old niece. My driveway doubles as a dirt road that gives access to a business behind me. I insisted she hold my hand as we trekked the 100 metres to check the mailbox. I asked to swap sides with her so that my body was closer to the track. 

“Why Aunty Belinda?”  

“Well,” I explained, “so that if cars race down the track they are closer to me and I can protect you.”

“Why do adults do that?” she asked

“Do what?”

“Want to protect?”

I went on to explain how we desire to protect that which we love and treasure, that which is smaller than we are and needful of our care.  “One day, when you’re an adult, or even a bit older than you are now, you will want to protect little people too,” I said. 

While our mature minds know that the stuff of fairytales is just that - stuff of fairytales - even the most hardened cynic deep down has a need for (if not a longing for) protection and/or rescue.  In each of us there is also a desire to bring rescue. Additionally, we were also created for a great love story. In life, as we generally experience it, there’s not always a horse involved, nor any shining armour causing us to squint as it reflects the sun, but in the story from Scripture upon which this song is based, there just happens to be one.

Preachers go into the preaching and teaching of Revelation with some trepidation, and so did I as I read and researched this subject while I penned the lyrics. This song began as a vision I had while playing around with a few chords with a friend of mine.  I could see as we continued playing just what this music was to be about.  

It would take far too much time and more pages than I have here to go into even a tip of what I learnt though my study of Revelation, but this was apparent: 

  1. Jesus longs to be our King - our Ruler, Rider and Rescuer. Our Knight in Shining Armour. His is the greatest of all love for any love story ever written. And the Word of God is the best love story ever told.
  2. On Jesus’ return, there will be two responses based on where each individual sits in their relationship with God.
    1. The cry of “Holy”, “Father”, “Worthy is the Lamb”, or
    2. The cry of fear, shame, guilt, condemnation. 

My song Rider ends with a complete change of tone and mood, as God receives His bride (the church) into a new home:  

Where there has been chaos, there’s only beauty.

Where there has been fear, there is love.

Where there has been a show of strength and force, there is now tenderness and sensitivity.  

Where there has been darkness, there now is light.

Where there has been pain, there is now healing.

Where there has been grief, there is joy.

Where there has been devastation, there is hope.

Where there has been unpredictability and insecurity, there is now order and security.


Where there has been a shack, there is now a palace.

Where there has been streets of pollution and violence, there are now streets of life, light and freshness.

Where there has been shame, there is now a smile.

Where there has been guilt, there is restoration.


That’s my Rider. That’s my Hero. That’s my King.

Is He yours?

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