2017-12: ADVENT Thoughts 1 - What is Advent?
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Today is the first day of Advent, a season which is observed in some Christian circles in the lead up to Christmas. Apart from Advent calendars that contain treats and chocolates though, what is it all about? 

The word ‘advent’ comes from the Latin word ‘adventus’ which means ‘coming’ or ‘arrival’, and so, as such, it is the preparation for and expectation of Christ’s coming. In terms of the Christmas period, it is the Lord’s coming as the celebrated Babe in the manger which we commemorate, are preparing for and expectant about — reminiscent of the state of ancient Israel as they waited for the long-awaited and much-prophesied Messiah.

However, it also looks beyond His birth to the second coming of Christ, when He shall triumphantly come again. Hereto we prepare in this life and wait with expectancy for His prophesied and promised return. As ancient Israel longed for and anticipated the Messiah’s first coming, so since the Ascension of Jesus, believers have anticipated His return.

Thus we have in Advent a celebration of Jesus coming before (as the Christ-child), and a yet-to-be coming. However, there is another coming for us to realise. It is the now. The coming of Christ in our life and circumstances NOW. 

Each name of Christ tells us something of His personhood, of His passion, and of His purpose. One such name is Emmanuel — meaning “God with us”. Each and every day this God who came, continues to come by His Spirit to all of us, revealing to us His love, prompting us with His wisdom, helping us by His grace, guiding us with His vision, exhibiting Himself through His creation, providing for us in His expansiveness, protecting us in His mercy, covering us in His Sovereignty.

We have the privilege of 24/7 open access to this God-with-us. In fact, we can have every-day relationship and interaction with Him. Close and intimate and incredible. We can be expectant for Him to move and operate in our daily circumstances — for He is Someone we can experience and enjoy life with, not just Someone to remember or talk about.

This Advent season, as we prepare for the day of Christmas, may we also have fresh eyes to see the coming of God in our everyday experiences, environment, conversations and relationships. May we have an expectation of encountering God in the mundane and in the profound. May we have ears to hear His heartbeat, His whispers, His shouts. May we have a heart to seek Him and to understand and enjoy His passions…

…for, you are one of them.


                  Blessings this Christmas!




Belinda Tigell is an Australian singer-songwriter, speaker, teacher, worship leader and author. Find her regular blogs on belindatigellministries.com. 
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