Results for October 26, 2019

Event:  Family Week Celebrations - Toowoomba
Date:  Sat, October 26, 2019
Time:  2 pm - 4 pm
Place:  Queen's Park, Toowoomba (Lindsay St side)

This event, designed to celebrate and strenghten families and a sense of community in our multicultural city is being held in Toowoomba's Queens Park on Sunday 26th October.
The 'YouBelong' group especially wish to reach the Yezidi people who represent the most recent group of refugees to arrive in our city, and event coordinators are encouraging other refugees and immigrants to come along as well. There will be a mix of music from different countries as well as some well known Toowoomba talent presenting a 'Family friendly' program. Cold drinks will be on sale and the 2nd shot coffee van will be on site as well.

Toowoomba is known as the second most 'Family Friendly City in Australia', so this is a great opportunity to bring the whole family of Toowoomba together. Bring your family, friends and neighbours along.

The event will be held near the Lindsay street Playground not far from where the Christmas Light show is held.