"His Word for My Life" Devotional Book - now revised and available on Amazon as an ebook
March 04, 2020

The “His Word in My Life” devotional book is on sale now for $14.95 (plus postage and handling) To order your copy, email or visit  To obtain your FREE study guide register with your email address when you order your book/s.


An ebook version which has been revised and includes the study guide is coming to Amazon as an ebook in December 2020!


What people are saying about "His Word in My Life"....

One of the greatest things we seek today is reality, especially when it comes to ‘Christian stuff’.  We don’t want fluffy stuff, we want the real deal.  Belinda gives us this.  It comes out of the ‘real deal’ that she has inside of her, a rock solid confidence in her God that has grown out of the journey of life, including its ups and downs.  All this is found from God’s Word in her life. 

I hope as you read and allow God’s Word into your life that it shapes you as it has Belinda and that you find the reality of life, centred on Jesus.
-- Pastor Adam Grant, ToowoombaCityChurch
Belinda's depth of relationship with her "Dad" is revealed throughout this devotional.   Somewhat confronting yet encouraging thoughts to either believe in the greatness of our God or to lean on our own experiences and never fully grasp how we can truly live. 
-- Elizabeth Hamilton, editor “Bella” Magazine
His Word for my Life is a real gem!   By using situations from her own life, Belinda relates well to her readers and sheds light on the Scriptures in a down to earth and relaxed style. Each Daily Devotion will be a real encouragement to those who desire to be drawn into a closer and more intimate relationship with their Heavenly Father.  May God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, speak His special word of truth and love to all who study this inspiring book.
-- Jenny Sutton, Pastoral Assistant
It has been a special encouragement to me to have been part of a ministry team with Belinda. Special because of her godliness and spiritual discernment that would always add richness to my spiritual journey.
-- Reverend Roland Sondergeld, minister in the Presbyterian Church of Australia

Fabulous feedback just received regarding Belinda's two books:

"I bought several of your books and gave them away as presents. I had unasked for, positive, verbal feedback from each one of them. The one that meant the most was from my sister-in-love – I didn’t have a clue, but apparently her husband had been searching for answers and was considering giving up his faith altogether. Reading your book helped give her some fresh inspiration. Thank you so much! The general consensus was that the ‘How To Make Your Quiet Time Loud’ was very freeing from previous ideas about what that time ‘should’ look like." 


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